Simon Leviev Business Coach {Mar 2022} Descriptive Info!

This article provides extensive reality on the life event of Simon Leviev Business Coach. Also, grab the knowledge for quick understanding.

The Tinder Swindler is out on Netflix on the 2nd of February 2022. Did you watch it? If not, you must know about its details. This documentary had gathered; a lot of attention from the people in the United Kingdom, the United Statesand Canada.

Do you know the reason for your interest in this documentary? The story is around the real-life events of a widely known Simon Leviev. This document is based; on facts of his life events. 

Moreover, Simon Leviev Business Coach is in movement these days. Let us go through all the relevant details about this individual.

Who is Simon Leviev? 

Simon Leviev’s real name is Shimon Hayut. He later changed his name to Simon Leviev to cheat women by posing as a Millionaire. 

He is a serial fraudster who had cheated an amount of; 10 million dollars. He attracted his target on Tinder. Hence, most of the targeted people are women. 

He claimed that his father is a billionaire from Israel named Lev Leviev.

In his initial days, he worked in the dangerous diamond business. 

Let us disclose some more facts about Simon Leviev Website Business.

How does he conduct his fraud?

Simon Leviev claimed his victim has a son of a billionaire, Lev Leviev. His father was a Russian-Israeli diamond mogul, Simon Leviev has a Prince of Diamonds. 

He states that his father is also a philanthropist, a businessman, and an investor with a net worth of $ 1.5 billion. To make his story even more believable, he hired an assistant, staff, and a bodyguard. 

He would induce his target by wooing them with expensive gifts and later say that he needs the cash as threats are made counter to him, and his living is dependent on Simon Leviev Coach.

Simon Leviev Business Coach: Arrest and punishment.

Simon Leviev is involved in lots of crimes. This 33-year-old false billionaire was; once arrested in Greece in June 2019. After that, he was deported to Israel. However, he is still a free man.

The punishment given to him was; to be in prison for at least 15 months. Additionally, he asked to pay each of his victims with 150,000 NIS (Israeli currency). 

However, he was left; out of prison after five months. It was due to the program announced that aimed to reduce the population of prisoners.

Why is Simon Leviev Website Business trending?

There are multiple cheating crimes against Simon Leviev. Though he is the free man and has set up a website; that has a business coach. 

His story had boosted interest due to the latest release of a documentary about his life events on Netflix.

Note – The information mentioned here is from the research on the internet.


Netflix had launched a documentary that chronicles incidents about the story of the conned man. This article is about a disguised fraudster, a billionaire who seduces women through Tinder. 

Today, he is the free man known as Simon Leviev Business Coach.

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