Sam Hunt Mistress {Mar} Know Why She Filed A Divorce?

This article provides complete information about the Sam Hunt Mistress and the reason for the divorce and withdrawal of Hannah’s divorce.

What happened to Sam Hunt, and why the divorce case has been filed? Do you know anything about it? Are you eager to know more about their lifestyle? Then go through the below information to gather more details.

The album of Sam hunt was released in the United States and Canada on 27th October 2014, which was a massive hit. Sam hunt is a famous singer, and he is a songwriter. His songs are a massive hit.

Sam Hunt Mistress information is provided below.

Who is Hannah Lee Fowler?

Hannah Lee Fowler is the wife of Sam Hunt, and she was born in Montevallo, US, on 27th 

October 1985. She did her schooling in Evangel Christian. Hannah has three sisters and three 

brothers. She was married to Sam hunt five years after 8 years of togetherness.

The partner of a celebrity will have to face all the pros and cons, and she too faced those 

situations and accepted in the form of love. Fowler is a self-dependent woman who is working as Nurse and Fitness Enthusiast.

Let’s see more about Sam Hunt Mistress lifestyle and how she cheated.

When did Sam Hunt get Married?

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler got engaged in 2016, and they got married after a year on

15th April 2017 that took place in Georgia. They knew each other, and they have been

dating since 2007 during Sam was studying at the University of Alabama.

Hannah showers her feeling towards him unconditionally, and she is the most beloved

person. After marriage, they too had many conflicts, and they came through that

and lived together.

Sam Hunt Mistress filed for divorce from Sam by stating the below reasons.

Hannah filed a divorce complaint on 18th February in Tennessee. After 5 years of married

life, she filed for divorce, stating that she cheated during her pregnancy.

At the same time, the due date of Hannah has been revealed that will be in May month. She

States that Sam is appellant of grown-up actions and inappropriate marital conduct. Hannah

didn’t expect this type of behaviour, and Hannah is requesting child support and primary

custody of the kid she delivers in May.

Why did Sam Hunt Mistress withdraw from divorce?

The documents submitted by Hannah reached the court on 22nd February, but she withdrew

the complaint on the same day and filed in voluntary Nonsuit. The judge didn’t sign off the case on the 18th, making the case withdraw easily without any complications.

As per Tennessee law, the voluntary Nonsuit means she can file for divorce a second time

in future, but she cannot withdraw the case. And the case is dismissed completely.

The accusations raised by Hannah has to be confirmed nor denied by Sam further.


As per findings, Sam Hunt Mistress is a self-dependent woman. She loves her husband enormously and shares thoughts regarding the songs written by her husband. Sam shares all 

the writings with her and takes her opinion so that it helps to attract the women towards his songs.

She filed a divorce as she got cheated by him, and later, she withdrew the case. Are you interested in knowing more about their lifestyle and what happened to her? Then, mention all your queries in the below comment section.

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