How Tall Is Ashtray In Real Life {Mar} Know the Details

How Tall Is Ashtray In Real Life has Information about Euphoria drama on HBO and shares Javon Walton’s real-life details.  

In January, Euphoria’s second season got underway and has completed 17 episodes until 13th February 2022. This American drama series is popular among teens of the United States, and Ashtray’s character, in particular, is loved by most viewers.

There is also talk of its season 3 as both seasons have performed well with good ratings. Many characters in Euphoria are getting popular among the audience, and Ashtray is one of them. 

To know about this drama and character, keep reading How Tall Is Ashtray In Real Life.

Euphoria Drama Series:

Euphoria is a drama series developed by Sam Levinson for an American teen audience. This series was first telecasted in 2019, and its second season was airing on HBO recently. 

Drama written by Sam depicts the story of a school student and shares their experience of love, trauma and friendship.

Some well-known characters of this series are Rue, Lexi, Fezco and Ashtray; the storyline needed a bigger star cast for this show. 

Though most people are praising this show, some groups are complaining about its vulgar content.

It also has an average rating of .20 among the 18-49 group.

How Tall Is Ashtray In Real Life?

The character of Ashtray was introduced in the drama during its second season, though its reference was made in Season one. His mother left Ashtray with Marie, and she didn’t return to have him back. 

Marie started taking care of him along with Fezco, and they all lived together as a family. Once Marie caught him smoking cigarettes from her Ashtray and named him Ashtray. 

The character Ashtray is played by Javon Walton, and according to media reports, he is around 15 years of age. 

He weighs around 51 kg and is five feet two inches tall. People were inquisitive about Javon, and they wanted to know How Tall Is Ashtray In Real Life.

What is the Role of Ashtray in Euphoria?

Ashtray grew up with Fezco and learned the tricks of selling drugs from childhood. Fez and his grandmother were dealing drugs, and Ashtray learned all of it from them. 

He worked as a younger brother and assistant to Fez in season one. In one scene, he was seen along with Fezco during drug dealing and was flushing drugs in the toilet when police raided.

Javon Walton Real Life Details:

Though Javon is getting all the fame due to Euphoria, his interest is in sports. After knowing How Tall Is Ashtray In Real Life, let’s find his interest and passion in life.

There are many characters in Euphoria, but Javon is the only one whose age matches high school students. His Instagram account depicts that he is a boxer and wants to participate in the Olympics.

Final verdict:

Fans of Euphoria were amazed by Javon’s interest in sports, and they all appreciated his ambition of representing the country. His father is coaching him, and his sister is interested in gymnastics.

Euphoria audiences can share their views on this drama and Javon’s character in the comment section of How Tall Is Ashtray In Real Life.

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