Rory McIlroy Wife Photos: Let’s Know More!

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Full Name Rory Daniel Mcllroy
Date of Birth May 4, 1989
Parents Rosie and Gerry Mcllroy
Profession Golfer

Professional golfer Rory Mcllroy has been in the news after seeking divorce from his wife. The news has spread worldwide, and people are eager to know about the couple.

Rory McIlroy Wife Photos

This post will give you details about Rory McIlroy Wife Photos and some other information about his relationship with his wife.

The Northern Irish golfer has decided to end his relationship with his wife, Erica Stoll. After the news of their split, people are searching for photos of the 35-year-old golfer and his wife. 

Mcllroy filed for divorce on May 13, 2024. They were married in 2017. Now, the golfer has decided to end their 7-year relationship by filing for divorce. Rory McIlroy’s Instagram has been flooded with various comments.

His wife, Erica Stoll, hails from New York. She played tennis during high school and later graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in marketing.

Once, Rory posted on his social media about his wife sharing his birthday with the golf legend Arnold Palmer. Rory captioned the post by stating that September 10 was a special day as two important persons in his life were born on this day.

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While stating the birthdays of his wife Erica and golfer Arnold, he expressed his celebration on the day as both held a special place in his life. Mcllroy has filed for divorce in Palm Beach County, Florida.

What does Wiki Say About Rory?

What does Wiki Say About Rory

People can get many details about Rory from various sources, including Wikipedia. 

Rory came into the world on May 4, 1989. He is a golfer from Northern Ireland. His parents, Rosie and Gerry Mcllroy, raised him as the only child. He attended St Patrick’s Primary School and later moved to Sullivan Upper School.

Rory started playing golf at a very young age. His father introduced him to golf when he was a child. His father, Gerry, also coached and trained him to become an exceptional golfer. People have also become interested in his Biography after he became a professional golfer.

Since Gerry is a golfer himself, Rory received guidance from his father, who played at a scratch handicap level. Rory also asked his father to bring him to Hollywood golf club.

His father, Gerry, used to do many jobs as a side income to support Rory’s improvement in golf. His mother also worked hard to see her son succeed. 

Mcllroy witnessed his first international victory when he was only 9-10 years old. He learned golf at Hollywood Golf Club at a young age.

Rory began his professional golf training with Michael Bannon, who was a professional golfer at Hollywood Golf Club.

Mcllroy joined the Irish team at the 2024 European Boys’ Team Championship when he was 15 years old.

Rory became the youngest-ever winner of various championships, including the West of Ireland and Irish close championship, in 2005. He again won the West of Ireland Championship in 2006.

Age of Rory

Rory is only 35 years old. He achieved success at a very young age as a professional golfer and has built a good amount of wealth.

Rory got married at the age of 28. Rory McIlroy Wife Photos have been circulating since he declared divorce from his wife.

Mcllroy became a professional golfer on September 18, 2007, by signing with International Sports Management. 

Rory’s parents supported him in becoming a successful golf player. They worked hard to enrol him in better institutes so that he could improve his golf.


Rory Mcllroy is a professional golf player. Rory McIlroy wife photos have been on the news since he declared his divorce from his wife. Now, people are trying to find out the reason for their divorce.

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