Sravana Bhargavi Divorce (July 2022) The Update Here!

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Hello, readers; today, we will talk about the divorce rumours of Indian Playback singers in the Telugu Industry. Dear readers, Are you aware of the Divorce rumours of Hemachandra and Sravana? There was a rumour in the news that Sravana Bhargavi Divorce from her husband, vedala would end their relationship soon.

However, both the singers, who have fans from the United States and India, shared sarcastic posts on their Instagram handle to laugh at the rumours and also cunningly replied to the question of netizens.

Brief on the matter 

The Tollywood couple Vedala and Sravana got married in 2013, and have a daughter. According to the articles published by many websites, in June 2022, their relationship would be ending soon, which grabbed the attention of the duo and they rejected such rumours. 

Hemachandra Sravana Bhargavi Divorce – 

The husband of the 32-year-old singer Bhargavi shared a post on Instagram regarding this controversy that reads ‘Rumours Spread faster than my independent song.’ That made it clear that Divorce news is fake. 

Also, the wife of the Singer Sravana posted a post related to this and informed the netizens indirectly that her marriage is fine and the chances of divorce are less. 

Career Journey of the duo –

Sravana Bhargavi has hosted a show on 92.7 Big FM, Hyderabad. She has also worked as a voice-over artist in the movies Love Failure and Gabbar Singh.

Sravana Bhargavi Divorce news was hard to digest because the couple is the anchor of the show Bol Baby Bol telecast on Gemini TV.  Hemachandra is a dubbing artist and music director. He also started his youtube channel in 2017. 

He is an independent music composer and sang the jingle Hook Aipodam in September 2021. He has been dubbed in movies like Dhurva and Bethaludu. His father is an advocate, and mother is a singer plus a music teacher. 

The couple met during the shooting and fell in love with each other. They spent almost nine years together. They have a daughter born in 2016. 

When both the singers are doing well in life and seem happy, Sravana Bhargavi Divorce is unlikely to happen. However, the singer is in another controversy related to her new song okapari. 

FAQs –

Q.1 Is Bhargavi a graduate?

A.1 Yes, she is a B. Tech graduate and presently pursuing Masters of Business Administration.

Q.2 What’s the age of Vedala?

A.2 Vedala is 34 years old as he was born on June 2, 1988. 

Conclusion –

The Telugu couple Sravana Bhargavi and Vedala Hemachandra have rubbished the rumours of their divorce through Instagram posts. To get more information on this topic, please, follow the link Sravana Bhargavi Divorce

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