Indiana House Bill 1134 Summary (Feb) Check Updates!

This topic below entails Indiana House Bill 1134 Summary to help readers know about the content of the HB passed in the legislative session and opposition.

Was House Bill 1134 passed? Is HB 1134 opposed? What does House Bill 1134 contain?

These are a few queries about HB 1134 currently flooding over social media handles. So, we are here to help you know what the entire bill contains and its opposition by educators and teachers across Indiana.

Teachers across Indiana (United States) were in fear as the bill was passed recently. So, let’s know more about Indiana House Bill 1134 Summary in the article below.

Is Indiana HB 1134 opposed?

House Bill 1134, also named “Education Matters,” has been met with opposition from educators, advocates, and parents throughout Indiana.

According to the President of Marion County Young Democrats, RaeVen Ridgell, the house bill is among the seven anti-critical racial theories measures that might impair racial education.

RaeVen claims that the language of the proposals submitted in the legislative session is aimed at various persons from various backgrounds.

The bill also helps vulnerability is an understatement and promotes comfort and supremacy. You may keep reading to know more about house bill 1134.

Indiana House Bill 1134 Summary:

HB 1134, also known as “Education Matters,” purports to protect the state’s youth from propaganda yet achieves exactly that by declaring it unlawful to introduce students to any historical or social perspectives that differ from all those sanctioned by whoever is in authority.

It attempts to mask discriminatory language with non-discrimination language yet reads the words themselves.

It does not reveal how and why the writers attempt to impose their ideologies on the students despite claiming to want to prevent others from doing the same, as indicated in Indiana House Bill 1134 Summary.

What was stated regarding relationships in the 1134 house bill?

Once people consider why they like certain teachers, they make people feel accepted and understood. The lessons they are educated on are almost forgotten. What important was the connection built?

In an untested approach to boost openness and parental support, Indiana HB 1134 takes away educators’ capacity to fill the gap among relationships and content.

What did Ridgell state about the discomfort of students?

According to the President of Marion County Young Democrats, RaeVen Ridgell, the principle being challenged in the Indiana House Bill 1134 Summary law is that groups must be excluded from learning because of their uneasiness, which would be disrespect to learning and every student.

Discomfort is necessary for growth, and there is a misconception that students do not have to be uncomfortable to be fine, which is incorrect.

What does HB 1134 include about employees?

According to house bill 1134, any productive school staff cannot enforce or adopt a language that indicates, “That a person, by the morality of individual’s political affiliation, national origin, color, religion, ethnicity, race, or gender carries ownership of decisions supposedly committed by other persons of the same political affiliation, national origin, race, color, religion, ethnicity, or gender in the past.


The Indiana House Bill 1134 Summary mentions that it recently was shared in this legislative session is also called “Education Matters.” The bill includes several aspects of employees, content, teachers, relationships, education, etc. You may also tap here to know more about HB 1134.

However, HB 1134 was opposed by educators and teachers across Indiana as they were in fear due to the bill passed onto the Senate committee. Do you find the news informative? Please share your views.

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