Putin Speech Transcript Ukraine {Feb 2022} Get Insight!

Putin Speech Transcript Ukraine has discussed the current Ukrainian crisis and tried to decipher the Russian President’s recent speech on it.  

The ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia deepened in December 2021. It seems that the era of cold has begun, and the United States and Russia are threatening each other with the consequence of war.

This time Ukraine is the epicenter of war with both the cold war rival on opposite sides. The conflict in Ukraine has continued since 2014, and there are different facets to the tension between the two countries.

As per the internet’s research, Putin Speech Transcript Ukraine has details of this crisis and facts mentioned by the President in Monday’s address to the nation.

Russian Ukraine Recent Crisis:

The crisis between these two countries has increased recently, and many experts believe that Putin may invade Ukraine at any time.

The United Kingdom and its western allies are backing Ukraine in this crisis, and they warned Russia of substantial consequences in case of invasion.

The Donbas area of Ukraine is the top cause of conflict between these two countries. The Donetsk and Luhansk people of the country are running separatist movements and have Russia’s backing.

Putin Speech Transcript Ukraine:

The Russian President decided to address his nation on Monday to clear the air on war.

On the one hand, this speech cleared his intention to his people while it warned western countries to stop their play in his backyard.

Some of the important points mentioned in Monday’s speech are listed below.

  • On Ukrainian statehood, he declined to accept it as a state and stated that it did not have a history of statehood.
  • He mentioned paying the debt of former USSR States in return for keeping their foreign assets, but according to Putin Speech Transcript Ukraine only wanted favor and did not want to take the obligations.

Putin Speech on NATO and Ukraine:

Putin has reacted strongly to the western country’s effort to include Ukraine into North Atlantic Alliance and has made his intentions clear through the televised address to his nation.

He reiterated that many western countries didn’t want Ukraine to join NATO, but they are doing so under pressure from Americans.

Putin made it clear that the whole intention of adding Ukraine to NATO is guided by the policy of hate against Russia.

To the reply of some western countries that Ukraine will not be added tomorrow, Putin Speech Transcript Ukraine said that if not tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow it will be added.

Putin also mentioned that Americans have told in the past that ongoing problems in eastern Ukraine can lead to its inclusion in NATO.

Putin Speech on Donbas:

He asked for immediate recognition of Donetsk and Luhansk Republic sovereignty and independence in the Donbas crisis.

He asked the legislative bodies to support this decision and sign a mutual assistance pact with both the republics.

Final verdict:

Vladimir Putin used the speech judiciously to clear his intention on the present Ukrainian crisis. He touched on all the points of contention in Putin Speech Transcript Ukraine, and now others turn to convey their message.

People following the current crisis in Ukraine can share their viewpoint on the issue in the comment section below.

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