Boating Accident Miami Lourdes: Read About Our Lady Of Lourdes Academy, Boca Chica Key, Lucy Fernandez And Her Boat Accident

This article will inform you about the recent Boating Accident Miami Lourdes. You will read the complete details of the accident.

Are you aware of the severe accident in Miami Catholic School? How did this incident take place, and what caused this terrible accident? You can find all the information in this article regarding the accident on Tuesday in the United States where a girl died in a Boat crash.

As per information, 14 people were travelling on that boat. However, the sources clarify that multiple injuries and critically wounded passengers were seen after the accident. We will discuss complete information about the Boating Accident Miami Lourdes in the upcoming section of this article.

Incident Details 

On Tuesday, 6th September 2022, a bunch of children travelled in the boat with two adults. Suddenly a severe accident occurred at Boca Chita Key’s bay. The accident was so terrific that one of the young kids, Lucy, died in the boat crash; however, the remaining passenger was injured.

As per sources, out of 14 passengers, there were 12 students from the Lady of Lourdes Academy and two adults were George and Pino, ages 51 and 47, respectively. All the passengers were critically injured, but one of the students named Lucy died on the spot.

Our Lady Of Lourdes Academy

Among 14 people Luciana Fernandez from Lady and Lourdes Academy died in the boat crash. Giving sympathy and love to that girl, the school authority shared their opinion on the news, saying she was very faithful. Appreciated by all her teachers and fellow mates, she greatly believes in God. 

The president of the Academy, Lady of Lourdes, shared the information in an email to other students and the parents of Lucy. She said the message that it is heartbreaking to lose a belated one, and there is no doubt that Lucy is going to meet the almighty in his kingdom. 

Lucy Fernandez 

Some people are not aware of the current news of Luciana Fernandez; hence, they are searching for her. Although, the sad reality is she is no longer with us. The incident took place in a 29-foot Robalo boat. The school Academy and students are getting on the prayer to the Holy Spirit of Lucy. Lucy was one of the senior and well-acquainted students from the Lourdes Academy.

All the passengers were from Miami on the boat; the central spot where the accident occurred was Boca Chica Key. The Rescue Team recovered all the remaining passengers from the boat but couldn’t save Lucy. She and her other friends are critically injured and admitted to the nearest hospital. People and school staff are gathering at her funeral at Lady and Lourdes Academy.

Final verdict

A severe accident occurred on Tuesday where a bunch of students were injured, and among them was a girl named Lucy, who died in the boat crash. 

What do you think of this accident? Share your emotions about the Lucy Fernandez Boat Accident in the comment section. You can also read complete news.

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