How Did Arnold Klein Die? Find His Cause Of Death And Obituary Details! Who Is Michael Jackson Doctor?

Read exclusive and consolidated information about How Did Arnold Klein Die. Also, learn about his association with Jackson’s family.

Did you know who Arnold Klein was? Did you know when Klein passed away? But why is the news of Klein trending in the United States? Did you come across a new documentary released by TMZ related to Michael Jackson’s death?

We will check all the facts related to trending news about Klein, the cause of his death, his obituary, Etc., in this article about How Did Arnold Klein Die?

How Did Klein Die?

Klein was admitted to the Eisenhower Medical Center located in Rancho Mirage, California. He reported severe abdominal pain on 18th-October-2015. After four days of treatment at the hospital, Klein passed away on 22nd-October-2015 due to natural causes. 

He had multiple sclerosis and was confined to a wheelchair during the time of his death. Klein was born on 27th-February-1945 at Mount Clemens, Michigan. Dr Arnold Klein was 70 years old when he passed away. 

Two brothers and an aunt survived Klein. After Klein’s death, his dead body was stored at the Riverside County Coroner’s Office so that his family members could claim it. However, one of Michael Jackson Doctor brother was ill, his second brother was bankrupt and did not have money to fly to California, and his aunt was old and unaware of things happening around her.

Hence, no family member claimed Klein’s dead body. After more than a week at the morgue, Klein’s body was released to Wiefels & Sons Funeral Services on 30th-October-2015. However, Wiefels & Sons Funeral Services did not release information about Klein’s obituary, his last visitation ceremony, burial site, the celebration of life ceremony, etc., and answered questions related to the Dr Klein Dermatologist Obituary.

About Arnold Klein:

Arnold Klein was a professional physician and also specialized in Dermatology. He was the first doctor in LA who had treated cancer in a patient who had AIDS. He was well known for the augmentation of lips, removing wrinkles and loose skin. Hence, he was known as the father of botox and a dermatologist in Hollywood. 

He also earned a reputation as a dermatologist of Michele Jackson. He was a family friend of Jackson who often spent their vacations together. He had treated Jackson for vitiligo and discoid lumps. 

Trending searches about Arnold Klein Cause Of Death:

In a recent documentary released by TMZ on – Who Really Killed Michael Jackson?, the ex-wife of Jackson and a nurse working under Klein, Debbie Rowe, revealed that celebrities contacted Klein for some unfair work.


The news related to Klein and Debbie became focused as the TMZ documentary  was released on 6th-September-2022. Further, it showed confession by Debbie that she now feels sorry for working with Klein, who was contacted by celebrities for unfair products. However, the federal agents cleared Klein during the investigation. Klein died due to natural causes, but no information was released regarding his obituary.

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