Pedofilia Crime Ediondo – Is He Involved in Hediondo Significado and Child Plundering?

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro apologized after being accused of Pedofilia Crime Ediondo. Read all the facts in the below article.

Do you know about pedophilia crime? Have you heard about the recent country of pedophilia? Recently, in Brazil, a controversy went viral. Recently in a press conference, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro apologized for the “Pedophilia” controversy. 

But why did he suddenly apologize? You should read the entire Pedofilia Crime Ediondo article to know what exactly happened. So, let’s jump into the news. 


Why did Jair Bolsonaro apologize?

The whole thing started on 17th October 2022 when Senator Randolfe Rodrigues accused Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro of reportedly advocating Pedophilia. In an interview, Rodrigues mentioned that he requested the Federal Supreme Court to open an inspection into this matter. 

Rodrigues is one of the coordinators of former president Lula da Silva. The opponents of Jair Bolsonaro accused him of being involved in a serious crime like pedophilia. 

Why did Jair Bolsonaro apologize

Why did the opponents of Jair Bolsonaro mention Pedofilia Crime Hediondo

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said that last year he visited a poor neighborhood in Brazil where he encountered three to four “pretty Venezuelan girls.” All of them were between fourteen to fifteen years old. 

When Jair Bolsonaro visited their house, he noticed that there were almost fifteen to twenty Venezuelan girls aged fourteen to fifteen. The girls told Jair Bolsonaro that they were getting ready for Saturday. People are saying that Jair Bolsonaro should not use the phrase “pretty girls.”

Many people are getting the Crime Hediondo Significado. They can smell the crime behind this action. But was Jair Bolsonaro involved in such a crime?

After talking with the girls, somehow, Jair Bolsonaro suspected these little girls were into hooking profession for money. This statement of Jair Bolsonaro went viral, and his opponents continuously criticized him for this on social media. 

The Last Words

Jair Bolsonaro apologized for calling the girls “very pretty.” He asked for forgiveness if his words somehow hurt the feelings of those Venezuelan girls. 

What are your opinions against it? Please comment below. 

Pedofilia Crime EdiondoFAQs

Q.1 Who is the opponent of Jair Bolsonaro?

Ans. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Q.2 Who won the first round of the presidential election?

Ans. Lula da Silva.

Q.3 What was the earlier profession of Jair Bolsonaro?

Ans. Jair Bolsonaro is a retired military officer.

Q.4 Is Jair Bolsonaro a pedophile?

Ans. We cannot say this until there is an official statement.

Q.5 What is the age of Jair Bolsonaro?

Ans. 67 years.

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