Chinese Stations Police: Explore All Chinese Police stations In Nigeria, Canada, And Us!

This post on Chinese Stations Police will explain all the important details regarding the police stations formed by China in other countries.

Do you know that the Chinese government is opening its police stations in many countries? People from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Nigeria are eager to know about the new modifications made by the Chinese government. In this post, we will discuss all the important details related to Chinese Stations Police, so please read till the end.


What is the Chinese government doing by opening police stations overseas?

The Chinese government has announced the opening of illegal police stations in many countries. According to the sources, China has opened 54 police stations in 30 countries. The Chinese government has opened these stations to help Chinese citizens who are living abroad. However, according to the sources, these police stations are set up to check on China’s enemies and retrieve related data. These police stations will be the reason for internal security threats in the world. You can check here – 

What does Canada think about Chinese police stations in Canada?

According to the reports, China has opened three police stations in Toronto, Canada. The main purpose of these stations is to keep an eye on the Chinese people who live in Canada. According to the sources, Canadians strongly oppose this and say that opening illegal police stations should not be allowed. 

Also, some reports state that this violates the human rights of people. Many experts also say that China wants to exercise its presence worldwide. Besides this, many people were curious about if China is opening Chinese police stations in Us. The answer to this question is yes, there is a Chinese police station in the United States, and that is in New York. Human rights campaigners strongly oppose these stations as this could lead to bullying Chinese people living abroad. You can check out this link

Please visit this link to know more about China’s overseas police station 

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Chinese Stations Police – FAQs

1- Why is China opening police stations overseas?

China is opening its stations to help Chinese citizens living abroad.

2 – Is China violating any laws by opening police stations worldwide?

Yes, China is violating other countries’ international law and territorial integrity rules.

3 – How many countries have Chinese police stations?

Currently, there are 54 police stations in 30 countries.

4 – What will the people working in these police stations be called?

The people working in these police stations will be called liaison officers.

5 – Do Nigeria have any Chinese police stations?

No, there are no Chinese stations in Nigeria, according to recent reports by the Chinese Embassy.

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