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Are you a book dealer or a librarian in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Kenya? Before including a book at your store for sale or at the library, would you like to read an honest review of the book to get more sales? is a digital and multimedia platform that collects reviews of books from eminent authors, teachers, Etc. Let’s check more information about the Jobs.

About invites interested people to review digital books submitted by various authors on the platform. The candidate interested in reading the books and posting its reviews gets paid. The authors of the books pay $225 for each book they upload on for reviews.

The candidate must upload their resume at and send a brief review of a recent book of approximately 200 words. Once selected, the candidate will be informed. However, the details of payments are not informed upfront on

Publishers Weekly Earn Money rates:

Generally, according to the book review market, an American reviewer is paid an average of $22 per hour. allows employers to post different categories of jobs and allows job seekers to browse through such job postings.

As did not mention its payment rates, it would be advisable to reconfirm the details if you are selected to review a book. is also partnered with The authors who upload their publications on booklife must pay a $399 non-refundable fee.

Generally, the reviews from booklife are out in six weeks. However, the authors can expedite Publishers Weekly Paid Reviews to be submitted within four weeks by paying an additional $100 non-refundable fee. Booklife also supports the free reviews of books.

Once the reviews about a book are published, they are sent to more than 150K librarians and book stores, who order the books based on good reviews. More than 1.2 million unique visitors also read such reviews. The reviewer is given enough time so that they can read the books and submit an honest review.

The legitimacy of

Publishersweekly was established more than 150 back and had a long life expectancy. Jobs portal was registered on 1st-April-1996 and expires on 2nd-April-2027. The website was updated on 1st-February-2022, signifying active business. gained a good trust score of 90%, an average business ranking of 63.6%, a great Alexa rank of 50,015, and a low suspicion score of 17%. uses a secured HTTPS protocol, and the SSL certificate for its IP is valid for the next 119 days.


There is a low number of reviews on payments made by to reviewers. Most of the reviews of is related to its quality of reviews of books, but not towards payments it makes to the reviewers. Jobs site has an influential presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with more than 1,004,323 subscribers. Due to good trust, business and Alexa ranking, is legitimate website.

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