Read Paul Dufour Obituary: Know The Reason For His Death Or How Did He Die Here! When He Passed Away?

Article is about Paul Dufour Obituary, a former drummer of the renowned band, The Libertines.  

Are you a fan of the renowned rock band, The Libertines? The band confirmed the dismissal of their former drummer, Paul Dufour. Paul Dufour, A.K.A Mr. Razzcocks, was the former drummer of the renowned rock band, The Libertines. 

The brand was formed in 1997 in London with many fans in the United States. The band’s official social media page confirmed the dismissal of the former drummer on 7th Sept. Now all his fans and relatives want more updates on the Paul Dufour Obituary.

Is there Any Obituary Created for Paul Dufour?

We have not found any obituary note online for the former drummer of The Libertines. The present band members disclosed the death news of the former drummer on their official Twitter page on 7th Sept 2022.

Today is the 8th Sept. It has been more than 24 hours, and we have not found any obituary note or page created on the name of the band’s former drummer. All his fans in the United States eagerly await more updates on his dismissal and want to know how he died.      

What Paul Dufour Obituary Shares?

The obituary page is an official note that family members, relatives, or friends create and share vital details about the deceased soul. The obituary note shares about the past life of the deceased, including his profession, lifestyle, hobbies and more. 

The obituary note also shares other relevant details, including the funeral date, time and venue. It is like an update for the fans who want to know more about the departed soul. So, fans and family who came to know about his dismissal are looking for the Paul Dufour Cause of Death.

Unfortunately, we have not found any online obituary page and note, so the details regarding its funeral ceremony can’t be shared now. Readers have to wait until further updates. 

How and When did Paul Dufour Die?

As per the band’s official Twitter page, the former drummer, Paul Dufour, died on 6th Sept. the news came to the limelight after the present band members published an official statement on their Twitter page on 7th Sept. 

As per the post, Paul Dufour died on the evening of the 6th Sept, and the news came to light on the 7th Sept 2022. The post has not shared how Paul Dufour Passed Away. So, it is unclear how the former drummer of the band died. We only know that he died on 6th Sept 2022.


Paul Dufour was a former drummer of a renowned rock band, The Libertines, formed in 1997. However, he has been replaced by Gary Powell. Recently, the band members have published a post on their Twitter page confirming his death on 6th Sept. But, they have not shared How Did Paul Dufour Die. You may read the Online Twitter Post to collect more information about the deceased.      

Do you know how the former drummer died? Please share it in the comment section. 

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