Tesco Coupon Scam {July 2022} Get Complete Information!

This post on Tesco Coupon Scam will give you complete details about the Tesco method going viral on TikTok and Tesco prevention steps.

Are you aware of the Tesco coupon scam? Have you heard about the Tesco method on TikTok? What are the actions taken by Tesco supermarket? You may be mindful of the Tesco coupon scam in the  United Kingdom if you are an active social media user. Recently Tesco supermarket was in the news because of misuse of its discount coupon. But what exactly is the Tesco Coupon Scam? If you want complete information, read this article until the end.

About Tesco Coupon Scam 

Video Of Tesco Coupon Scam Goes Viral

  • Recently, TikTok users are sharing their successful attempts to get free sweets and cold drinks by using dubbed discount coupons on self-checkouts. It has been named the Tesco method on social media.
  • More precisely, customers use a duplicate discount coupon to purchase free sweets and candies and leave the superstore without paying.
  • This discount coupon is worth upto 5 Euros, but customers have found different tricks to use it multiple times.

Tesco Coupon TikTok

How did people get this discount coupon?

  • According to the rumors, people watch this Tesco method on TikTok and later take a screenshot of the discount coupon shown in the video.
  • They supposedly fill their trolleys with cold drinks and chocolates, and by using these dubbed coupons, self-checkout the store without paying.

How Are People Reacting To This Scam

  • Genuine people commented on this scam and called those people “stealers” and “cheaters”. Because they fraudulently used this discount coupon which doesn’t belong to them.

Are the authorities of Tesco supermarket aware of this scam? If yes, what steps have they taken to prevent the Tesco Coupon Method? To know that, please continue reading further.

Tesco Supermarket Became Alert Against The Scam.

Tesco Takes Preventive Measures To Stop Coupon Fraud

  • After the videos of the Tesco method went viral on TikTok, Tesco supermarket analyzed the situation and took prevention steps to stop coupon fraud.

Tesco Supermarket’s Statement 

  • Tesco supermarket said in its statement that they are aware of the scam and are implementing required restrictions to stop the fraudulent use of discount coupons or dubbed discount coupons.

Tesco Supermarket Warned Fraudsters 

  • Tesco has warned those people attempting the Tesco Coupon Scam.
  • According to the rumors, Tesco has banned some people from their local supermarket to stop this scam. 

Legal Actions Against Fraudulent Activities 

  •  They clearly stated that if any person used the discount coupon more than once, then Tesco would take legal action against that person and would be in great trouble.


We have informed our readers about the whole scam of Tesco discount coupons. We have also discussed the statement of Tesco supermarket and their preventive measures to stop this fraud. If you want to know more about Tesco, please visit this link

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