Pashesmoon Com {Jan} Explore What Information It Provide

This article describes a website that showcases various lunar stages and lunar calendars to visitors based on their current locations. Read on Pashesmoon Com.

Do you observe the lunar activities? If yes, you might have heard about a website that provides visitors with various lunar-based activities. Keep reading this article till the end to know all the relevant information.

Worldwide selenology-based research is made to provide a piece of resourceful information associated with the relevant topic. People across the globe are always excited to know more about the only natural satellite of our planet. Continue without skipping to learn more about the Pashesmoon Com.

About Lunar Phase

The lunar phase represents the direct portion of the moon that receives sunlight. There are mainly eight lunar phases. The lunar phase consists of the new moon, first quarter waxing crescent, waning crescent, full moon, last quarter, waning gibbous and. waxing gibbous

The new moon has an average moonrise time at 6 am and a moonset time at 6 pm. Meanwhile, the average moonrise time of full moon is at 6 pm and moonset time at 6 am. The appearance of the moon differs geographically. A year with thirteen full moons is called a blue moon.

Pashesmoon Com

  • The website provides much relevant information about the moon and its various lunar phases.
  • The website allows the user to calculate the timings for the next full moon based on the user’s location.
  • The website user can choose the date, time, and location to analyze various characteristics of the moon.
  • The site also provides a calendar to check the previous dates to understand the historical moon timings.
  • The user can study, track and analyze various phases of the moon by tracking the previous timings available on the website.

 More About the Website

  • The Pashesmoon Com domain got created on 24th August 2018. The domain age is 3 years and 152 days. Therefore, the website has a decent domain age that indicates that the website has been functional for the last three years.
  • The website has a trust score of 40%, which is a good trust score for a website. 
  • The advantages behind the trust score are the older domain age and the presence of HTTPS protocol. But HTTPS protocol can’t be considered to determine the trustworthiness of a website as most of the websites come with HTTPS protocol. Learn on Pashesmoon Com.
  • The disadvantage indicated by the trust score is the detection of domain names with various fraudulent websites. Therefore, this is an important factor to consider before using the website to avoid spamming activities.
  • The Alexa ranking of the website is 237,055. 
  • There are no user comments or reviews about the phasemoon website on major social media platforms.


Informative, educational websites help learn and analyze various scientific aspects and methodologies. Additionally, selenography is one of the most interesting topics for researchers also. To know more about this topic, please feel free to visit.

Have you tried any website similar to Pashesmoon Com? If so, please comment your feedbacks about it below. 

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