Bathurst and Steeles Accident {Aug} See Details Here!

We’ve mentioned all the details of the Bathurst and Steeles Accident and what statistics say about road accidents. 

Have you ever witnessed a road accident? If not, you would have heard about such accidents now and then. As per Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics in

Canada witnessed 1,745 fatalities in 2021, among which 33.2% of deaths occurred with people who were not wearing seatbelts.

Recently, a two-vehicle collision occurred at Bathurst and Steeles. Keep reading to know more about the recent Bathurst and Steeles Accident.

What exactly happened?

A vehicle crash was reported to Toronto Police near Steeles and Bathurst at 05:29 am on 9th August, Tuesday. A passenger in the vehicle passed away, while two drivers received fatal injuries.

According to the Toronto Police, the driver of a Toyota Highlander was heading east on Steeles Avenue. He was waiting to make a left turn to Bathurst street when a Nissan Altima lost control and struck the Highlander from the back. There were two people in the Altima in which. The passenger was declared dead right after the collision, while the driver was treated with life-threatening injuries.

More on Bathurst and Steeles Accident

Toronto Police shared the news stating the time 05:29 and location Steeles/ Bathurst of the collision. The accident took place at the intersection, and it will be closed as the reconstruction team of Toronto Police is leading the investigation.

As per the Toronto paramedics, the passenger in Altima was pronounced dead at the scene, and other injured were rushed to the trauma center. One of the impaired drivers was a 35-year-old man.

Police haven’t revealed any further details on the people involved in the crash. They are appealing to the residents and drivers who may have witnessed the collision or dashboard camera footage. Those who have information on Bathurst and Steeles Accident can contact the investigators at 416-808-1900.

What do the statistics say?

NCDB, National Collision Database, contains all the data on reported vehicle collisions in Canada. As per data, 2020 saw a slight decrease in vehicle fatalities compared to 2019. Around 101,572 were injured in 2020, of which 7,868 experienced severe injuries.

In 2020, 354 fatalities were reported for those aged above 65, while in the age group of 25-34, the number stood at 315. In most road accidents, drivers faced the most impact, and 50% of fatalities were drivers.

The Bathurst and Steeles Accident again unveiled the immediate attention needed to improve and amend the traffic safety protocols and safeguard the citizens. Awareness needs to be raised among the people who neglect basic road safety rules and avoid wearing seat belts, jumping traffic lights etc.

Final Verdict 

Summing up, the motor vehicle collision took one person’s life and resulted in two other people in a trauma center. Nissan Altima was allegedly traveling at high speed and eventually lost control. We urge the public to adhere to the laid road safety protocols as it could be fatal for them and other innocent people. Read details here.

What do you think about road safety protocols? Let us know in the comments section of our article Bathurst and Steeles Accident.

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