Canny Wordle Definition: What Is The Definition Of Canny? Read Canny Word Meaning, Are Canny And Kanny A Word?

This article’s aim is to help you know about the gameplay and give you the latest information on the Wordle and Canny Wordle Definition.

You all might be wondering what Cammy Wordle is. It is a fun online game that is very famous in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Wordle is a game everyone is crazy about. To know more about it, read about Canny Wordle Definition

Do you know you can find it anywhere online, at the play store or the apple store? It is a smart game to play whenever one’sone’s free. There is one puzzle given each day. To know more about the game, stay tuned and read below.

More about Wordle

Wordle has become very popular in today’s time. We have found that over 300,000 people play this game daily. You get one puzzle to solve each day, and various hints are provided to get the right answer. As the answer to yesterday’s wordle is ”canny”, some people search it mistakenly with kanny and explore Is Kanny A Word. The meaning of the word ”canny” is clever and the ability to think quickly.

People of any age group are free to play the game wordle. The game gives the player six chances to guess a five-letter word; it depends on the person as to how many chances one takes to guess the right answer. Wordle was made by software engineer Josh Wardle. This game has been going viral. Everyone seems to have a great interest in it. It is simple gameplay and is very attractive to the players because of how it has been played. 

Is Canny A Word?

Since the game is very popular, it creates a lot of suspense for the players to know the right answer. This right answer is guessed with many hints, which creates a lot of curiosity among the players. This game has become a daily habit in people’s lives nowadays in different countries. So are you curious to know about the answer to yesterday’s puzzle? So the answer is ”CANNY”. For the people who are new to the game, let us discuss the game’s rules below. 

Wordle Gameplay:

  • The players are given six chances to guess the right word.
  • As we have read in Canny Word Meaning, it is available online.
  • As one guesses the right letter, the colour of the letter changes.
  • The colour grey indicates that the letter is wrong.
  • A new puzzle is given every day.
  • The right answer for the puzzle is uploaded on the internet, which creates a lot of suspense for the players.
  • It is a simple yet challenging game.
  • Players are advised to play in the morning. 


We hope you like the information about the game above. Check out the link given ahead and play your game nowThis article was designed to give you brief information on the Definition Of Canny

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