Law guide for judicial service examination

And so that you do not miss one of the legislative changes that will modify the Law guide for judicial service examination and assistance.

The focus of open books with a magnifying glass supported on them illustrates an entry in which the regulations that enter the examination of the opposition of judicial assistance are analyzed.

Are you preparing for the exercises of the judicial assistance opposition? If you are digging your elbows to give everything. This post is for you, in which we have analyzed the regulations that will enter you to examination according to the official schedule will come from pearls.

What do you need to know to pass the most challenging exam?

The Law guide for judicial service examination is the most challenging national qualification test. If you are a law student, you may have been conscious of it. And many people are thinking of going to preparatory school to pass this exam. However, for university students attending universities in metropolitan and urban areas, there are many options for preparatory schools for the examination, and you may wonder about the unknown. The examination system and several preparatory schools are below to solve these questions even a little.

The Preliminary examination

Also, you can’t be a lawyer right after passing; you cannot even be taken unless certain conditions are met. To take the examination, you must graduate from a law school (3 years for non-law graduates, or two years for those who have graduated from law faculty) or pass the preliminary exam. In other words, a preliminary exam is an exam to qualify for the Law guide for judicial service examination. After passing this examination, you must study the practice of judicial training as a judicial trainee for one year. 

What should you do to pass the Law guide for the judicial service examination?

Studying for the examination is so vast that there is no amount of information, and it is tough to learn by yourself. Most people go to preparatory school because they have to select what is necessary efficiently.

The leading preparatory schools for the examination are law institutes. Most students choose either in parallel; they often belong to circles. So, this time will introduce the structure of representative preparatory schools and legal circles.

There are mainly courses that only prepare for exams and courses that combine exams and graduate school entrance exam preparation. You can also go further with three lectures and seminars three days a week. Because the passing results are incredibly high, it can be said that it is the best preparatory school from the results.

Law guide for judicial service examination

There are two major legal circles (law association and eighteen people’s association) at the law. Entering these circles is quite beneficial in the examination. Both books have many people who pass the examination, and many active students go to the above preparatory school. So, there is a lot of living, which is helpful information and advice.


The council is full of seminars led by first and second graders, where you will be able to learn more. There are many legal practitioners and many opportunities to communicate with them. So, you can get accurate information such as actual legal situations. In addition, about the 18-person association, there is a partnership mentioned above, and lecturers may visit and give lectures on exam preparation. It is all you have to know about the Law guide for judicial service examination. 

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