Michael Thomas Fantasy 2022 {Sep 2022} Learn Here!

This post will discuss the details of Michael Thomas Fantasy 2022, his ADP score and more. Stay tuned with us and grab the info.

Did you miss Thomas in the last matches of 2021? Are you excited to see him in 2022 football matches? Yes, some of you are desperately waiting to see him on the ground again. But, recently, news has disappointed the people around the United States and Canada who have been waiting to see him on the ground since last year. So, what news made Michael’s fans disappointed? To know every detail about Michael Thomas Fantasy 2022, keep reading the post till the end.

2022 Outlook of Michael Thomas Fantasy

Michael Thomas is known as one of the best wide receivers or can be placed himself at the convo if he is healthy. But as per Draft Sharks’ exclusive injury predictor tool, 81 per cent of injury chances for the veteran wide receiver. However, Michael Thomas has that much potential because he managed a good performance in the first four years of his career despite being string injured. 

However, Michael’s average receptions are 117.5 for 1,378 yards with an average of 150.5 targets with 9 touchdowns for every season. With this, Thomas has a 78.1 percentage of the catch. 

Is Michael Thomas Fantasy 2022 will have the chance to play in this session?

For the last 568 days, Michael Thomas wasn’t seen on the ground as he suffered from an ankle injury last 2019 to the entire of 2021. Thought the two ligament surgery in his left ankle kept him away from the ground. 

But currently, he is suffering from a hamstring issue which makes some fantasy football owners and the Saints scared to keep him in the early session of the game. They are unsure about keeping him at the beginning of the game because they doubt that Michael Thomas would be able to regain his 2019 performance. Let’s see where Michael Thomas stands in ADP and Michael Thomas Fantasy 2022; keep reading the post altogether.

Where does Michael Thomas stand in ADP?

In this session of SN Fantasy 20 No. in PPR formats, whereas Pro Bowl wide receiver ranked number 22, in WRs, it ranked as number 20. So, Michael Thomas can quickly be reached upto this ranking, but there is a bit of doubt from a few fantasy owners because he had a new quarterback, head coach and a new group of wide receivers. Stay updated with our post to know more about Michael Thomas Fantasy 2022.

People saw Drew Brees throwing Thomas on the field last time. However, when Michael Thomas returns to the session, he will be the team’s number one wide receiver. 


This post has informed us about Michael Thomas’s current injury and placement in the 2022 fantasy session. Though he had such a fantastic performance in the last match despite a hamstring injury, some fantasy owners are still in doubt. However, he can qualify with the ADP score, yet his stand-in match is unclear. 

So what’s your view on Michael Thomas Fantasy 2022? Please do let us know in the comments. To know Michael Thomas read here

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