Metanet Token Scam (Jan 2022) Is Metanet Legit Or Not?

Here’s another crypto scam that came up in the news- Metanet. But is Metanet Token Scam true? Please read this article to learn about it.

The year 2022 has become a ground-set for the emerging Crypto Scams. Yes, we are talking about another crypto scam- MetaNet token.

The Internet is set ablaze with this new MetaNet token as it has been claimed as a scam.

People from the United StatesCanada, the United KingdomGermanyFranceAustraliaNew ZealandItaly and other countries have invested in MetaNet. Now they are inquiring about it being a scam. So, here we are with all the essential information regarding the Metanet Token Scam.

So, let us begin and understand each aspect of it.

About Metanet Token

MetaNet is a platform designed in Metaverse where content creators can buy and sell NFTs. And the payment used on this platform is the MetaNetflix token. The users can easily watch and stream digital video broadcasts.

MetaNetflix or MetaNet is a recently launched hyper deflationary cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain. Its creators call it the coin of the future as it was born from the idea of Metaverse, where this token will be highly developed in the future.

So, is Metanet Crypto A Scam? Keep reading to find out!

Founders of Metanet Token

We want to inform you here that the official website of MetaNet is currently hacked and not working. However, we have found that MetaNet did not reveal the real names of the founders on the website.

It was mentioned that the username FatMike is the CEO and KodyDeep is the marketing manager at MetaNet. If we find any further updates regarding the founders, we will inform you.

Is Metanet Token Scam True?

We have found the following red flag details related to the MetaNet token that suggest that it may be a crypto scam:

The owners took to their Twitter handle to announce how their official website-, is hacked and unavailable for use. This is a suspicious point as hours after people pointed that MetaNet was a scam, their website was suddenly hacked.

CoinMarketCap has dumped MetaNet by withdrawing all its related information earlier on the platform.

It has been reported that the owners kick out any member of the Telegram group who calls them a scam or asks a question about selling the token. This favours the point- Metanet Crypto A Scam.

The owners have also increased the Sell Tax on the token from 90% to 100%, trapping all the token buyers as they won’t be able to sell the token now.

What Are People Saying About MetaNet?

People are commenting on Twitter posts of MetaNet and other YouTube videos that MetaNet is a suspicious cryptocurrency. They straightaway block the members of the Telegram group who ask questions against MetaNet.

Users are directly calling MetaNet a scam on the Internet.

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The Final Words

So, this was all the updated information on the Metanet Token Scam!

There are several details against this cryptocurrency. Therefore, we ask you to be careful about Metanet tokens. Please try to avoid it until further clarification comes up. Also, learn about various Online Scams and how to stay protected.

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