Loomi Crypto Price Prediction {Feb} Read Market Stats!

This research on Loomi Crypto Price Prediction will guide you on the current price of the newly launched crypto.

Do you invest in cryptocurrency? Everybody knows it is the easiest, most convenient, but risky way to earn money. Loomi Crypto is a newly launched crypto Worldwide. People are not aware of this coin as there are no details about it.

Loomi Crypto Price Prediction will guide you on all the relevant information that we have collected from multiple sources. So, in the article, you will find all the essential details regarding this crypto in one place.

About Loomi Crypto

An Ethereum Blockchain, Loomi is a crypto coin launched in January 2022. Although there is no relevant information available on the internet regarding its founder and other helpful information, this token has been launched recently. It works like other cryptocurrencies available in the market. So, let’s discuss the details we have gathered from multiple sources about this Loomi coin.

Loomi Crypto Price Prediction

  • Let’s discuss the price prediction of the Loomi coin. Currently, the price of Loomi is $0.189944. It has faced a loss of 38% in the last twenty-four hours.
  • The market cap of this coin is unknown as it is a newly launched crypto. But the volume of Loomi is $4.93 million in twenty-four hours. However, the volume has faced a -27.35% downfall.
  • The Loomi crypto coin fluctuates every minute and faces a downfall of around -37.37%.
  • Loomi has 100% transparent volume, and currently, it is trading on the number 1 active market with ETH.

Market Capitalization

Now in this section, we will discuss Loomi’s market capitalization. First, as per our research on Loomi Crypto Price Prediction, we informed you about the current price of Loomi and now let’s have a look at its trading volume, supply, and other details.

  • Trading volume (24h): (down -26.83%) $4.97 M
  • Transparent volume (24h): (down -26.83%) $4.97 M
  • Market Cap (24h): Unknown
  • Circulating Supply: Unknown
  • Price Prediction (7day): Not Available
  • Rank: #2,375
  • Price change: -45.35%

Founder of Loomi

As per our research, we could not find any founder of this crypto. Therefore, many details have not been shared on their official website. But, soon, they will publish all the details, and we will share as soon as they publish.

As per our Loomi Crypto Price Prediction research, we informed everything about this crypto. More details will be published as soon as the official site updates.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQs)

Q1. What is the Smart Contract Address of Loomi crypto?

Ans. The smart contract address of Loomi as per nomics is 0xeb57bf569ad976974c1f861a5923a59f40222451

Q2. What is the current buy price of 1 Loomi coin?

Ans. The current buy price of 1 Loomi coin is $0.189944.


Wrapping up our content, we found that this coin is newly launched, and the developers have not shared much information. Although, the coin is running on 1 active market on ETH. You can check details regarding the Loomi coin on this link.  

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