Is When We Were Young Festival Real {Jan} Explore Here!

Is When We Were Young Festival Real shares the news of a music event hosted in Las Vegas in October 2022 by the When We Were Young group.

A music festival is being hosted by the When We Were Young group in October 2022 for citizens Worldwide. This festival will have sixty bands at three venues in a single-day event in Los Vegas. The sale of tickets for this show was started on 21st January 2022 and is already on the waitlist.

People are comparing this show with the Fyre Festival Scam of 2017. To know everything about this show, keep reading Is When We Were Young Festival Real till the end.

What is the When We Were Young Festival?

When We Were Young is a music festival consisting of a well-known sixty band, and all the bands will perform in this single-day event. The venue for this festival is the Las Vegas festival ground, and all three stages will be used.

The promotional campaign shows that all the sixty bands will perform on the given day on different stages. Some of the famous names taking part in this event are listed below.

  • My Chemical Romance
  • All American Rejects
  • Paramore
  • Pvris
  • Jimmy Eat World

Is When We Were Young Festival A Scam

Why are people terming it As a Scam? Many people on social media term it as another Scam due to their past experience.

Fyre festival sold its tickets to citizens in a similar fashion in the name of hosting an event on a Bahamian island in 2017. 

They used the name of a famous band and promoted their event, but nothing was there when people reached the venue. 

People still remember that event and compare this festival with Fyre. The founder of the Fyre show, Billy McFarland, is serving a six-year jail term at present and forfeited $26 million.

 Is When We Were Young Festival Real:

It’s hard to draw any conclusion about this festival as nothing is known about the founder of this event. The famous band is promoting this event, but the same happened with the Fyre festival too, and everyone is aware of the result.

One thing that is bothering every individual is that no refund is guaranteed in the ticket sale, and the website shows the sold-out status in every ticket category.

Citizens argue that since it’s a corona period, a refund facility should have been given to customers. 

Type of Tickets and Their Prices:

Is When We Were Young Festival A Scam or Legal event is hard to tell at present; therefore, people should remain alert when booking tickets. Some information on the ticket and their price are listed below.

  • General tickets are priced at $244.99
  • General plus tickets are available in three-tier at $399.99, $409.99, and $419.99
  • VIP tickets can be availed at $519.99
  • VIP Cabana tickets are priced at $12,500

Each VIP Cabana can get 10 VIP tickets, and people should be more than 21 years of age to get this ticket.

Final verdict:

People are visualizing this event as big chaos on the social media platform. Is When We Were Young Festival Real post believes that now it is up to the organizer to make this event happen and get back citizens’ trust.

Music fans can share their thoughts in the comment section of this post.

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