Lifeomic Scam {Oct 2022} Read The Genuine Details!

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Have you heard about the Lifeomic Company before? Do you think they are frauds? If you have no idea what we are talking about, we will request you to look at the article. Lifeomic is a Subchapter S Corporation situated in the United States

Many natives of Canada and other states want to know if Lifeomic is a scam or not. Please read the Lifeomic Scam article thoroughly if you want to know about this company. So, let’s jump into the article. 

Is Lifeomic a scam?

As stated earlier, Lifeomic is the Subchapter S Corporation. It is situated in Indianapolis, Indiana. There are a total of ninety employees in this corporation. During the paycheck protection program, Lifeomic requested the Small Business Administration for a 1723400 USD PPP loan. Lifeomic claimed that they took the loan to give salaries to their employees. 

But there is no record of the Lifeomic Scam. Yes, you are reading it correctly. After long research, we could not find any records that say Lifeomic has done any scams. If the employees of Lifeomic said that they did not get any salaries after taking the loan, then we can call it a scam. But Lifeomic is not involved in any scams or fraud. They genuinely took the loan to pay the salary.

Some crucial information about Lifeomic Scam:

As we mentioned earlier, Lifeomic did not do any scams. They have mentioned the reason behind taking the loan. There are a few points which we should discuss with you. 

  1. Lifeomic claimed that they spent 1723400 USD to provide salaries to their employees. 
  2. They also claimed that they did not misuse the loan amount in any way. 
  3. Lifeomic was ethical, deserving, and honest towards this loan. 

Details about the company- Lifeomic Scam:

  • The address of LifeOmic is 351 W 10th Street, Indianapolis.
  • The area code is 46202-3008
  • On 4th October 2020, the Small Business Administration approved the loan of 1723400 USD. 
  • KeyBank National Association in Cleveland facilitated the loan. 
  • On 11th May 2020, the Small Business Administration forgave the amount of 1732748.85 USD of this loan. 

The Ending Words:

It is true that Lifeomic did not do any fraud. So, we cannot call them scammers. That’s it for today’s Lifeomic Scam article. Click here to learn more about loan scams

Have you ever faced any scams before? Please comment below on your thoughts.

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