Is Zizmall Legit or Scam {May} Read Detailed Reviews!

Read this article in detail to get your answer to your question related to Is Zizmall Legit or Scam and also get answer is a safe website.

Do you love tower cute t-shirts? Want to buy a bulk mask to protect yourself from covid? While searching for a one-stop solution website over the web, you found Zizmall, right? 

This website has recently been active in the United States of America. People are now looking for website reviews. Because they want to know every detail of this particular website before they start buying from this online portal.

So, go ahead and read our website review. You get your unanswered question about Zizmall and know Is Zizmall Legit or Scam by reading lots of parameters this website contains.

Zizmall Parameters will define the legitimacy part of a website:

However, it has become an essential thing due to many scams happening worldwide. Scammers are now using the internet as their primary tool.

To avoid these types of scams, a buyer needs to read website reviews by visiting our website, so few parameters are there that will help you justify the legitimacy of this website:

  • This website started its business and created its online domain on 5th May 2022. It does not complete a month of operation.
  • The Trust score of this website will determine Is Zizmall Safe or not. This website has only received scores of one percent, which makes this website not at all trustworthy.
  • Though the trust score has been very low for Zizmall, we decided to look for the Alexa ranking, but this website has not filled the criteria to get any rank of Alexa.
  • Content that has been published over the web is original. They do not copy any content from any website. Thus, this website has provided original content.
  • This website does not achieve a good index score.
  •  We do not find any reviews given by customers that raise the question, Is Zizmall Legit or Scam.
  • The owner has not submitted any information on the Zizmall website.
  • While we checked for the contact details, we only found half-done work on the Zizmall website.

What is Zizmall?

It is basically an online part of ecommerce website that has the goal of selling important packages for our daily life. From this website, you will find various Shirts for both men and women. They also started to sell masks. 

They are also giving discounts and providing facemask after purchase of their product. Though this website gives these offers, a doubt has been raised: Is Zizmall Legit or Scam?

Features that the Zizmall website provides:

  • This website has set a domain name of
  • This website has not fulfilled the Alexa ranking requirement.
  • We only found an email supporting Other contact details are not available.
  • Delivery with shipping service on this website is fast; it only takes 5 working days to reach the customer.
  • Products can be returned for up to 20 days which provides relaxation to the customer.
  • The refund amount will be credited, but it takes a time of 7 days.
  • Social media presence is not available for this website.
  • We found lots of payment facilities have been installed on the Zizmall website.

 Is Zizmall Legit or Scam can be determined by studying PROS and CONS:

PROS for this Zizmall portal:

  • This website has implemented a good shipping policy, and it will deliver within 5 days.
  • Payment options are available. Thus customers can easily pay them with their favourite payment mode.
  • They also provide a return date of 20 days. Thus, customers will get time to think about their product.

CONS for this Zizmall Portal:

  • This website does not contain any types of certifications like SSL and HTTPS.
  • This website has also failed to upload any social media links on its homepage.
  • This website does not provide sufficient contact information till today.

Zizmall Reviews

This website has been working for less than a month, that’s why we got curious and started looking for the customer review, but we did not find any reviews mentioned by the customers. 

We have also checked for the popular website, but they started it as a scam. While we are talking about scams, click here if you want to know unknown facts about PayPal Scams.


Information that we collected from the Zizmal website, we realized that this website is a scam because this website has hidden various information and the trust score is very low. Now you get the answer Is Zizmall Legit or Scam.

We strongly recommend or suggest our viewers look for a trusted ecommerce website to buy any product. What are your suggestions for this website? Please comment below. Also, click here and get mind-boggling details of Credit Card Scams now.

2 thoughts on “Is Zizmall Legit or Scam {May} Read Detailed Reviews!

  • August 12, 2022 at 1:55 pm

    Zizmall is a SCAM-We ordered a hitch cover and what they do is use someone else’s tracking number for something small and it gets delivered to an address in your local area so you never receive it and it shows it was delivered when it really wasn’t

    • August 17, 2022 at 4:56 am

      Hi D Takach, hope you have understood the scam nature of this website. We urge you to stay alert from such webstores. Stay safe!


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