Is Thaely Legit (Dec 2021) Read Authentic Reviews!

Is Thaely Legit? Check the store, namely-Thaely offers an eco-friendly sneakers collection that is manufactured with recycled items. Read more details.

Several eco-friendly projects are surging into the market; even in the online retail business, eco-friendly products are gaining more attention than others. If you’re seeking eco-friendly shoes online, then the Thaely site can feed your craving with their eco-friendly collection.

Thaely is a popular site Worldwide, mainly famous for its innovative offering of eco-friendly sneaker shoes; however, Is Thaely Legit? Is their product as awesome as they promoted? Let us check the users’ concerns and comments; sling with the site’s policy, product feature and much more-

Checking Thaely Legitimacy:

Though the site is being buzzed around in every nook and corner of the United States and Worldwide; however, if you are a first-time user, checking authenticity adds extra safety in terms of privacy data and money.

  • Trust-Index: The point on the trust-index chart is 86% that denotes high authority.
  • Domain ID: The Id of the store
  • Location Details: The details of the location are not revealed.
  • Remarks: Thaely Reviews are obtainable.
  • Store Age: According to the domain record, the age is 2 years+. The domain was listed on 28th April 2019.
  • Operator Details: Ashay Bhave is the founder of this site.
  • Piracy Content: Yes, we notice around 48 percent piracy data.
  • Social network Profile: Yes, the store has a large community on the social network.
  • Missing Details: Address, number, canceling system details.
  • Broken Licks: 1 link source is detected as non-clickable.
  • Paying Process: Shoppers can avail several different gateways.

The store possesses a suitable age and trust-index; hence it could be authentic. But further analysis is necessary.

What is Thaely store?

The Thaely store comes with a novel concept of eco-friendly retailing sneakers. However, Is Thaely Legit? The store claims to retail recycled material to manufacture eco-friendly sneakers. The materials that are used in manufacturing are recycled plastic, rubber, and plastic bottles. It mainly retails sneaker style shoes instead of other varieties.

In the product catalog, a variety of colors and styles of sneakers are available. On the product page, you will get access to choose the required size and color from the options. Moreover, some items are retailed at a rebate rate. You’re recommended to read the next section to gain an idea about its policies.


  • Shop URL:
  • Comments: Yes, we found the presence of Thaely Reviews.
  • Phone Number: Not available.
  • Located At: They haven’t disclosed the details of its location.
  • Email Address:
  • Cancellation Process: No cancellation process information is declared.
  • Return Process: If any wrong item is delivered, only a return is applicable.
  • Transportation Process: The transportation process includes the processing time. Summing the total time is 15 to 20 days.
  • Replacement System: For wrong items only. If consumers make any wrong purchases, the store isn’t liable for replacement.
  • Transportation Costs: Charges can be seen at check-out time.
  • Refund Process: For the faulty items.
  • Is Thaely Legit: Multiple factors are found that hold credibility.
  • Newsletter: Yes, there is a section for a free subscription.
  • Payment Process: Amex, G Pay, Apple Pay, RuPay, Visa, Paytm, PayPal, Mobikwik etc.


  • The site brings innovative models to eco-friendly retail shoes.
  • The shoes are crafted with recycled material.
  • Each and every product is 100% vegan.
  • It contains a high trust-index,
  • It has been featured on leading news platforms.
  • Reviews are positive and have a strong social-network connection.
  • Global shipping facility.


  • Address and number are not known.
  • The availability of cancellation is unknown.

Consumers review on ‘Is Thaely Legit’:

On the store’s website, we found no comments; However, in different newspapers like Indiatimes, we observed articles about this start-up company. Apart from this, Thaely has been featured on Business Insider and other leading news channels.

Moreover, it has an active and large community on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. In the leading social-media like Facebook , around 2k people follow its profile and like its products. On social networks, several comments and shares have been observed. People have appreciated this novel initiative. Also, check how you can get the money from PayPal scams for safe online deals.

Final Verdict:

Is Thaely Legit? The store has several excellent factors like outstanding trust index, reviews, operator details, etc. So, you can buy products from this store. Also, read the methods of getting refunds on credit card scams. Did you try this site? Please tell us your experience as it would help our readers to get a more authentic view.

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