Is Smargold Legit (July 2021) Consider The Reviews Here!

Is Smargold Legit (July 2021) Consider The Reviews Here! >> Do you always seek smart and creative products for daily use? Then, read this write-up to gain insight into an online shopping destination that sells attractive items of utility.

Are you an online shopper who is looking for kitchen essentials and other items? Finally, your wait seems to be over. In this article, we explore an e-store, Smargold com, that deals in some useful products.

Smargold com is physically located in the United States but delivers worldwide.

But, is the store true to its claims? Can the shoppers shop at Smargold com hassle-free?

Please read our article, Is Smargold Legit, to find an answer to all this.

Is Smargold com a scam?

Well, it is important to know this before venturing into the site. So let’s quickly go through the following crucial facts about Smargold com. 

  • Domain age- 19th of July 2021, fairly recent.
  • Trust Index- 1%, not a trustworthy trust score at all.
  • Scam Detector algorithm- 0.9/100, lowest credibility.
  • Website popularity- Poor. No online traffic.
  • Website content- A lot of content is copied. 
  • The Smargold Reviews available online are not promising.
  • Social media presence- No presence on any social media platform.
  • About Us Page- Quite interesting About Us page, but not product-specific.
  • Under their FAQ section, they claim to accept Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal methods of payment. However, their website has many more payment options upon checkout. This is a bit confusing for shoppers.

In the above light, it becomes important to find more about the store. So let’s explore together and get an answer to Is Smargold Legit or not.

What is Smargold com?

Smargold com is an online shopping house that offers customers a great shopping experience both through an immaculate buying process and great after-sales service. In addition, it displays creative merchandise that aims to make your life convenient. 

The shoppers can buy products under the following well-defined categories-

  • Cookware
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Kitchen
  • Glassware
  • Dinnerware
  • Toasters

However, on clicking on these tabs, one finds some random products that do not fit into that category. For example, under the “Toasters” category, one can also find a Bluetooth Speaker. Similarly, under “Storage”, the store displays Hardware Turntable Bearings. Quite bizarre! No reputable brand will have such an erratic display.

Let’s browse through the coming sections of Is Smargold Legit to gain a better insight into the store. Therefore, it is best to verify the authenticity of Smargold com.

Specifications of Smargold com:

  • Product category- Various items of daily utility.
  • Website URL-
  • Email-
  • Mailing Address- 8257 Turin Road, Rome, New York 13440, United States of America.
  • Contact number- 800 2345 458.
  • Delivery time- 10 to 15 business days for local orders. International orders may take 1 to 2 weeks more.
  • Shipping fee- Not clear.
  • Shipping method- Globally via e-packet.
  • Returns, exchanges, and refunds- Not mentioned on the website.
  • Modes of payment- Not clear.

But, Is Smargold Legit? Just be patient; our final verdict will tell you just that.

Pros of Smargold com:

  • The variety of the products on display is cool and attractive.
  • The website has a secure HTTPS protocol.
  • Order tracking is possible through the Smargold com website.

Cons of Smargold com:

  • The physical address of the store shows a motel. This is highly suspicious.
  • The prices of products are not very reasonable.
  • The store provides no information about returns and exchanges or refunds. This is strange.

Smargold Reviews by customers:

There are no customer reviews available for the store. The store also does not feature on any social media platform.

However, internet research on Smargold com reveals quite negative information. All online information on the store warns you about its fraudulent intentions. 

You might be worried about getting trapped in a credit card scam. But, keep your anxieties at bay; you can get your money back through easy steps. By summarizing the above information, we conclude that Smargold com is a highly risky web platform. Beware while shopping at its website.

Final verdict on Smargold com:

 To cut a long story short, we strictly advise you to stay away from Smargold com. Good luck if you still want to take a risk by shopping here!

If you want to add more to our article, Is Smargold Legit, do not hesitate to provide your valuable comments.

PayPal scams may be a cause of worry for some online shoppers. However, by being vigilant, you can certainly avoid these scams.

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