Is Rockboo Shop Scam Or Legit {Dec} Check Guided Reviews?

Read here the comprehensive details to know Is Rockboo Shop Scam Or Legit through Genuine Reviews.

Are you looking for an honest take on Our comprehensive investigation holds all the insights you need. Many from the United States and from everywhere wonder about the authenticity of reviews and its reliability.

Hence, we took the initiative to thoroughly delve into it, empowering potential buyers to shape their own perspectives.

Are you looking for an honest take on

Business reviews showcased on a website often raise doubts about their credibility. It’s prudent to seek external sources for genuine feedback. However, when a site lacks reviews, assessing its reputation becomes more challenging. Therefore, Is Rockboo Shop Scam Or Legit explained here.

Is Rockboo Shop Scam Or Legit explained here

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Finding the legitimacy of any portal is very important because it makes the buyer assured, therefore mentioning the crucial details here.

  • The URL of the portal is
  • The domain registration e-mail is
  • The domain age is at present 11 days
  • The domain registrar is Chengdu West Dimension Digital
  • The whois registration date is 29-11-2023 with the renewal date as 29-11-2024
  • The domain registration country is Canada
  • The HTTPS is not found
  • The proximity to suspicious websites score is 19/100
  • The threat profile score is 12/100
  • The phishing score is 1/100
  • The malware score is 12/100
  • The spam score is 1/100

For Rockboo Shop Reviews these all factors made us believe that surfing or staying with this website is not safe. Let us move ahead to understand more deeply.

About Rockboo Shop website

The website is dedicated to storage space organizers for various products. The home page of the website shows various space organizers to store the things safely. The all product page shows more variety of products such as foldable wardrobe collections, tea cup sets, refrigerators storage products, flowers vases in glass material, designer earrings and more. The point to note is that the offering prices for all products are unbelievable. We will now understand website specifications to get Is Rockboo Shop Scam Or Legit.

Specifications of the Website:

  • The website deals with various products related to mainly storage space.
  • The portal of the website has a different name then the homepage name.
  • The customer care email address is
  • The physical address for the website is 
  • The return policy states that the product can be returned in 14 days time.
  • The privacy policy mentions 
  • They accept various payment modes like paypal, Mastero, Visa etc.
  • The shipping policy mentions that within 48 hours dispatch take place and order can be delivered in 7 to 17 days’ time that suspects on Is Rockboo Shop Scam.
  • The contact us information is missing on the website.

Let us find pros and cons of the website.

Specifications of the Website

Advantages of the portal:

  • The postal has HTTPs connection.
  • The website is an e-commerce site enabling buyers to find various products.

Disadvantages of the portal:

  • The website has no presence on social media.
  • The website offers lucrative discounts, which is not legitimate.
  • The website lacks contact information.

Rockboo Shop Reviews:

The buyers shall go and search genuine reviews about any portal before buying any product. For Rockboo Shop, we tried searching many places to find the legit reviews for this website but we are unable to find any. The website also has no space to mention about reviews.

The absence of the reviews makes us understand the fake nature of this website. The trust index of the website is only 1% that shows that not even a single customer believes the website. Along with this the business ranking of the website is only 6.1 that show that website is not trustworthy and proves Is Rockboo Shop Scam. Check more about Paypal scam details here.

Social Media Links:

We have researched from neck to neck to find social media links for this website but left with no results. The absence from social media leaves a bad impression about the website.


Our all research ends with some crucial points like below expectation trust index, no presence on social media, lucrative discounts, absence of reviews by any customer, all these states that the website is not trustable and explain Is Rockboo Shop Scam. We advise our readers and buyers to be vigilant from such websites and read to know about the facts of credit card scams.

For more clarity watch this and grab the details. We need comments from our readers so that we stay motivated always.

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