Is Qoojpn Scam Or Legit {Aug} Read The Entire Review Now

This article shares full details about the web portal and more details about its products to understand Is Qoojpn Scam or Legit.

Are you searching for a web portal that offers your desired products? Do you feel like shopping for a better quality product? Then this web portal was created just for you. It has various kinds of products you have been searching for. This website has become Worldwide famous.

In this article, we will cover full detail about its various products on its website, and further information to know Is Qoojpn Scam or Legit? Follow our blog below.

Is a legit web portal?

Reviewing all the information about the site and its products is essential to conclude its legitimacy. The details listed below will determine the worthiness of this web portal:

  • The webpage presence date: The domain was designed on 13/06/2022.
  • The phone number of a webpage: The contact number of the webpage is 9166533516. 
  • The Score of Trust: The Trust Points of the webpage is terrible, only 1%.  
  • The percentage of content copied: It has a duplicate content percentage of around 0%.  
  • Address of the webpage: Going through Qoojpn Reviews, QOOJPN LLC 1401 21st ST STE 4173 Sacramento, CA 95811.
  • The Presence of social media: The web portal is available on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.  
  • The Alexa Global Ranking: It has a ranking on Alexa of around #3781459.

What is

This is an exciting shopping portal which offers fantastic products. It has a vast collection of sustainable products such as watches, Handbags, Cycles, Mobile phones, Traditional sculptures, foot wears, electronic gadgets and much more. This website deals in branded products, and its quality is fantastic. But since it sells products online, customers are willing to determine Is Qoojpn Scam or Legit?     

The Characteristics of

  • The web portal URL –
  • The Presence date of the webpage– The domain was designed on 13/06/2022.
  • The date of lapse of the web portal– The web portal will lapse on 13/06/2023.
  • Email Account–
  • Address of the business– QOOJPN LLC 1401 21st ST STE 4173 Sacramento, CA 95811 is the address of the webpage.
  • Social site platform– The web portal is available on Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.   
  • Delivery time gap- No details about the shipping service is available on its webpage. 
  • The web designer name- There is no detail about the web developer’s name to understand Is Qoojpn Scam or Legit
  • Free shipping facility– Free Delivery service on orders over $100.
  • The Return service: No information about the product return service is available on its webpage.
  • The time for Refund – There is no detail about the name of the refund time period.
  • Details on product exchange- No detail about the exchange service of the product is available.
  • Return Delivery freight – There is no information about the charges on return shipping. 
  • Cancel Order details- Order once delivered cannot be cancelled.
  • Details on Non-refund- No information about the non-refunding service is available.
  • The Payment methods– Visa, Master Card, PayPal, etc.

Advantages to understanding Is Qoojpn Scam or Legit?

  • It has given its email Id for customer service.
  • It did provide the number for contacting.
  • It has shared various ways of making payments.
  • It is available on various social site platforms.
  • It offers a free delivery facility for every product.
  • It provides its office address for customer convenience.  

Limitations of

  • It did not provide any shipping service.
  • It does not share any refund service on its products.
  • It has not given the name of its owner name.
  • It does not provide any return and exchange policy for its products.  

Qoojpn Reviews:

There are no customer reviews and feedback about its products on its webpage. Further, the Alexa global ranking of this website is #3781459. In contrast, the web portal has various social site logos on its webpage, while no reviews about its product are available on social sites and online platforms. Here customers must look – Everything You Should Know About Paypal Scam

Summing up:

This webpage does not have any online market experience. There are not many buyers for its products. The web portal has horrible trust points. Though the website is available on social sites, there are no reviews about its product on social sites and an online site that states Is Qoojpn Scam or Legit?

This is a scam web portal, and customers must remain cautious about such shopping sites to prevent fraud. Customers must also look – Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam

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