Abfi Shop {Abfishop} Is Real or Fake {Nov 2022} Review

This post on the Abfi Shop Is Real or Fake will guide the readers on the authenticity of this shop and why is this shop trending nowadays. Kindly read.

Have you heard about the Abfi shop? This shop is famous for its withdrawal policy customers. But, recently this site has been in the news as people in India and other countries are facing difficulty in withdrawing money. So, you should know if Abfi Shop Is Real or Fake. One should know the authenticity of the online site before trusting this store so that they can indulge in a fair deal with Abfi shop.

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Read The Lawfulness of Abfi Shop!

We have mentioned some details on Abfi’s legitimacy here. So, kindly read.

  • Trust Score: Abfi Shop got a trust score of one percent. Customers cannot trust this website based on this trust rate.
  • Website’s Registration: July 4, 2022, is the Abfi Shop’s creation date. The life expectancy of this store is short as it was registered four months ago. 
  • Customer Reviews: The site asks for Abfishop Com Login details to know about its products. We found some star ratings on their products. No reviews are available online.
  • Misplaced Information: No contact details are available. Policies are not seen on the layout.
  • Social Media: There is no connectivity between Abfi Shop with social networks. It seems to infamous online site.
  • Policies: We are unable to reach their policies on their official website as they require login details.
  • Expiration Date: July 4, 2023, is the expiration date of the Abfi Store. 
  • Data Safety: It uses an HTTPS server to protect the data of the users.

Overview based on Abfi Shop Is Real or Fake

Abfi shop claims to serve since 1935, but its registration date is different. They have mentioned that the website operates in 53 countries. They have employed 1,28,000 employees. They strive to solve business problems by launching online mall businesses. They also sell certain products on their online site. These are: 

  • Microwave Oven
  • Smart Sweeper

They also offer tutorials for new members. The website provides the latest news on its official website. 

Features of Abfi Shop

  • URL of Abfi Store: https://abfishop.com/
  • Email Address: Unavailable 
  • Phone Number: It is unfound
  • Location Details: It is unavailable.
  • To identify if the Abfishop Is Real or Fake, we have checked reviews. But, we did not find any reviews on online sites. Whereas some ratings are seen on products available on the official website.
  • Return Policy: We have not found any detail on the return policy.
  • Shipping Policy: The delivery policy is also unavailable on the official website. 
  • Payment Policy: There is no payment policy found on the site.

Positive Points

  • The site provides the latest news to its visitors.
  • HTTPS is available.

Negative Points

  • The visitors cannot reach their policies until they log in. We cannot even judge if policies are available or not.
  • No contact details are available. 
  • Reviews are missing from online sites.

Reviews determined in Abfi Shop Scam

Our team has seen some reviews on the official website, but we have seen some ratings on the products. But, we have checked other review sites online, but those have not reviewed this website. We have checked the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The store does not have any availability on these platforms. This website is in the news because it offers withdrawals who have a wallet or added other payment options. But, people are facing some issues. So, the official app can be the medium to fool people. You should stay aware and know if Abfi Shop Is Real or Fake before visiting this site. One can also go through some valuable points to avoid Credit Card Scams.

Final Verdict

Summing up this post, we have learned that this store is newly found and was registered around four months ago. It got a trust score of 1 percent. This seems to be a questionable site. You can search more online sites to know about Microwave Oven. The readers can know and read about the ways to prevent fraud related to PayPal here

What are your views on this website? Will you use it to buy any product? Please let us know in the comment section below.

Abfi Shop Is Real or Fake: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the continuance of Abfi Shop? 

Ans. The website claims to be serving since 1935. But, when we checked its registration date, it was found that it was registered four months ago.

Q2. Can you trust this store?

Ans. No, we should not trust this store as it lacks providing basic information like policies, contact, good life expectancy, trust score, etc. 

Q3. Are the policies and contact details available on the website?

Ans. No, we have not reached the contact details and policies. It requires login details to view such details.

Q4. What is the Abfi Shop Latest News?

Ans. The Abfi Shop is in the news because it provides withdrawal facilities to their customer. And people are facing issues to withdraw money.

Q5. What does Abfi shop offer to the customers?

Ans. The website claims to offer the latest news, microwave oven, sweeper, etc to the customers.

Q6. Are there any customer reviews on their products?

Ans. Yes, the ratings are available on the official website. But, they can be unreal as no online review site has reviewed their product.

Q7. Can you install the application for free?

Ans. Yes, it claims to provide free installation.

Q8. What is the total Abfi Shop App Download? 

Ans. As per their official site (https://abfishop.com/download/), they claim that more than 35000 installations have been found.

Q9. Is this website available on any social media? 

Ans. No, the site does not appear on any social media sites. 

Q10. What is the size of the Abfi application?

Ans. According to its official site, it is 2.98 MB in size. 

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