Is Postertok Scam or Legit {Sep 2022} Know Its Review!

Please read this account to answer Is Postertok Scam or Legit concerning an online shopping platform that provides customized and readymade posters.

Do you like adorning your room’s walls with unique posters? Are you a fan of the music fraternity, especially rappers? Would you like to increase your collection of related canvases? Then, please peruse this article to get the necessary details.

Today’s write-up talks about the genuineness of an online shopping platform. Poster-lovers from Switzerland and the United States are waiting to know regarding this store in detail. Thus, please read till the end to confirm Is Postertok Scam or Legit.

Is Postertok Scam or Genuine?

Visiting this site and going through its items will be safer if you read the details mentioned in this section. We have collected these points from trustworthy data resources to discuss this portal’s reliability.

  • The Oldness of Portal – The age of this platform is eight months past a year. The developers launched this site on 22 January 2021.
  • Trust Score of Website – 45%, which one can call an Average Trust Index.
  • Alexa Ranking – 422464, which is an above-average grade. 
  • Customer Feedback – The buyers have posted their feedback for many posters. Most Postertok Reviews primarily have four or five stars for rating. Few critical comments mention delayed delivery or slight defect in products.
  • Linking to Social Media – The store has no linked social media accounts. However, the individual designers’ Instagram profiles are linked with the items.
  • The Lack of Contact Data – The developers have not written the phone number or office location address on this website.
  • Slight Error in Privacy Policy – This section is complete except for one portion that misses editing. 

The above facts render varied opinions about this website’s authenticity. Hence, it is challenging to judge Is Postertok Scam or Legit.

What is Postertok?

Postertok is a virtual shopping store dedicated to posters and inspired by TikTok. Users can buy these items from the readymade collection or create posters by uploading images. There are four size options and three finish options available, which are poster, acrylic, and canvas. The readymade posters are themed on different genres and iconic artists. 


  • Type of Platform – An online platform that deals with readymade and customized products. 
  • Portal’s Digital Address –
  • E-mail Id –
  • Telephone Number – Not provided.
  • Linking to Social Media – Connected to designers’ Instagram handles.
  • Items’ Pricing – Written in USD.
  • Location of Office – Absent. It can influence your uncertainty Is Postertok Scam or Legit.
  • Terms and Conditions – Present
  • Sorting Scope – Given
  • Shipment’s Information – Processing and shipping orders can take eight to nine working days. Shipping charges’ details are not given in this section.
  • Privacy Policy – Given
  • Payment Modes – Debit and credit cards of Discover, Amex, Visa, MasterCard, etc., in addition to Google Pay, PayPal, etc.
  • Protocol Apropos Products’ Returns and Refunds – No return options exist in this store, and all sales are treated as final. However, users can get refunds on cancelled orders.
  • Method to Filter – Not required, as categorization is enough.


  • The poster designs are trendy with various themes.
  • The team has mentioned the refund policy briefly yet clearly. 

Cons Judging Is Postertok Scam or Legit

  • The link related to the free subscription is non-functional and corresponds to a 404 error.
  • One segment of the Privacy Policy, GDPR, contains phrases inside third brackets showing the team has not reviewed the content. 
  • The owners have not shared their phone number or office address to contact them.
  • The team treats all sales as final, which may be a dislikable policy by many users.
  • The shipping charges seem floating per a dry run we conducted to calculate them.
  • Though the designers’ social media accounts are present, it would have been more trustworthy if the website had a linked profile.

Postertok Reviews

Though two users of a prominent feedback portal created their queries about this store’s legitimacy, there are no solid replies to this question. Notwithstanding, the online store has numerous comments regarding the products and services. Most comments are positive and talk about good designs and quality. On the other hand, the critical reviews are about delayed services or slightly defective items. As the reviews are predominantly positive yet mixed, please read know the Easy and Simple methods of refund from PayPal for awareness.


Our investigation points to diverse feedback concerning this platform. Therefore, it is challenging to judge Is Postertok Scam or Legit. Thus, we suggest you learn how to Get money refund on credit card. Moreover, here are some fantastic poster designs  you may like to explore.

Did you find this portal authentic? Please write below. 

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