Is Hearvix Legit (Jan 2022) Let Us Read The Review Here!

Have you found reasons elaborating the reality behind ‘Is Hearvix Legit?’ If not, then come up with this write-up for additional hints for this site.

Do you know about a site where you can buy hearing aids reasonably? But, in this write-up, we will check its reality. So kindly be attentive. 

Nowadays, hearing loss or deafness is a common problem amongst the people, but the affiliated reasons are still unknown. Moreover, numerous experts claim that deafness is the reaction to listening to loud music for long hours. 

Thus, in this write-up, we will elaborate on a website selling hearing aids and related accessories in the United States to conclude Is Hearvix Legit?

Is Hearvix Safe or Not?

By considering the following points, we can estimate whether the portal is reliable or not, so let us take a glance at it. 

  • Site’s Expiry Date- According to the sources, the website’s suspension date is 16-12-2024. 
  • Buyers Reviews- Numerous customers have commented on the site, but on reviewing sites including Trustpilot, we haven’t discovered any reactions. 
  • Trust Rank- An average value of 58.5/100 is attained. 
  • Portal’s Age- 16-12-2020 is the site’s enrolment date, which means it is 1 year and 19 days old. 
  • Content Duplicity- According to the Hearvix Reviews, the website’s constituents contain plagiarism. 
  • Policies- All the guidelines are cited. 
  • Trust Score- A 45% value is found for the site. 
  • Social connections availability- Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook icons are available. 
  • Founder’s name- The owner’s identity is not disclosed on 
  • Alexa Rank- For the website, a 1724883 value is quoted. 


The hearing aids, replacement earplugs set and battery door are listed on this site. In addition, we have seen them mention that the hearing aids are comfortable and are made with innovative technology, thus helping us to inform Is Hearvix Legit?

Moreover, they have also granted that the users will not even feel its presence over the ears upon wearing. Now, let us move further to know the minute details. 

What Are The Site’s Crucial Characteristics?

  • The domain’s age is 1 year and 19 days since its creation date was 16-12-2020. 
  • is the e-commerce site’s URL. 
  • In the United States, you will receive the order within 3-4 days, while in the remaining parts, they will give you your order in 7-19 days. 
  • The newsletter feature is available, assisting us in finding the reality, i.e., Is Hearvix Legit? 
  • After the processing time, they will ship the parcels within 3 – 19 business days. 
  • The email mentioned is 
  • Their postal and return address is PO Box 15186 City East, QLD Australia 4002. 
  • American Express, Google Pay, and Shop Pay are available payment methods. 
  • The portal offers a 30 days return policy to the buyers. 
  • Hearing aids, wax guards, earplugs are catalogued in this online portal. 
  • Hearvix will process the refund application within 1-2 days. 
  • The contact number is not given. 
  • To find the truth behind Is Hearvix Legit or not, we have spotted the presence of social media icons. 
  • You can exchange the items by returning the existing product and applying for the new items. 

Allowances Served By The Portal 

  • The social network icons are present.
  • 58.5/100 is the portal’s trust rank. 
  • On the site, the newsletter facility is provided to get fresh updates.
  • The office and mailing address are accessible. 

Disappointments Of

  • We haven’t revealed any hints of the phone number. 
  • The trust score value, i.e., 45%, is deficient. 
  • The social links are not accessible. 

Shoppers’ Hearvix Reviews 

The consumers’ reviews are present on the official site, but we can’t consider them. Also, the Trustpilot comments are not available, which created huge suspicion. We have extracted its Facebook page; however, despite no reviews being gathered. 

Also, on different review sites, we haven’t rescued any customer feedback. Besides, the unreliable discounts on products have imparted several questions on the portal. All of these hints have marked that we need to wait for some genuine reviews to arrive on outlets. 

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To find Is Hearvix Legit or not, we have dug into the website, claiming to trade hearing aids and related accessories. Moreover, upon further evaluations and analysis, we found a Facebook page, where no comments have been derived yet. 

Thus, we advise you to hold back till some authentic reviews arrive or can analyse the site precisely to avoid online phishing. Learn more here about the PayPal scams

Have you encountered any genuine reviews? Then, kindly cite your opinion below to make others aware. 

2 thoughts on “Is Hearvix Legit (Jan 2022) Let Us Read The Review Here!

  • January 23, 2022 at 10:35 pm

    I don’t feel that Hearvix is a legit company. They are from Australia so it is impossible to be able to take advantage of the 30 money back guarantee because if you are from the United States you cannot send them back. The Post Office quoted me $71.00 to send them back and then said they could not guarantee that they would ever arrive in Australia. The Heavix company will not refund money unless they get the hearing aids returned. Had I realized they were coming from Australia, I would never have purchased them. Needless to say I am very disappointed in the product and in the so-called return policy.

    • January 26, 2022 at 3:17 am

      Hello Marilynn Hellewell! We appreciate that you have posted your detailed analysis and review here for this online platform. This will help other readers and prospective buyers to decide accordingly. Thank You! Have a Nice Day! Take Care!


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