Is Gravitydefyer Legit {Aug 2022} Read Quick Reviews!

Following this post, you will learn about the shopping website named to determine whether, Is Gravitydefyer Legit or not.

Are you fond of wearing different kinds of shoes for different occasions? Shoes are an essential part of a person’s life; whether at work, at a party or traveling everywhere, proper shoe selection is critical. Then you will like to check out this online portal. Gravitydefyer is an online portal where you can find different shoes for men and women and accessories. 

The website is based in the United States. In the post, we will discover various details about the website and discuss whether Is Gravitydefyer Legit or not. Follow the blog for more updates. 

Is gravitydefyer a trustworthy website? 

  • The website gravitydefyer has been around in the market for a long time as it was registered on 21st December 2006.
  • The expiry date of the domain is on 2nd August 2023.
  • Gravitydefyer is on various social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc. 
  • The owner’s identity is kept strictly confidential. 
  • Non-detection of the online store by any blacklist search engine as blacklisted. 
  • The trust index of gravitydefyer is 100%, which shows that it is a safe and secure website. 
  • Gravitydefyer Reviews are available on the official website in the form of ratings in stars and other reviewing sites. 
  • The HTTP connection is not valid.
  • Also, the trust score is 96%, which is a good sign. 
  • The popularity ranking of gravitydefyer is pretty good, that is 306372.
  • The score for proximity to suspicious websites is 7/100.
  • No information is available about threats and phishing scores.
  • The same is the case for spam and malware profiles.

Therefore, while scrutinizing the above details, it is also necessary to check on the other details in specific reviews on the website to decide whether, Is Gravitydefyer Legit. 

All details of the website:

Gravitydefyer is connected to a prevalent industry of e-commerce. It provides a variety of shoes and accessories for men and women at relatively minimum prices. Here are some products present at garvitydefyer are-

  • Athletic shoes for men and women 
  • Gravitydefyer shoe care kit. 
  • Diabetic socks. 
  • Orthotics for men and women. 
  • Work boots. 

Specific information about the website 

  • Domain link –
  • Registered name-
  • Email address –
  • Physical address – No physical address of the store is mentioned on the official website, which raises suspicion about whether Is Gravitydefyer Legit or not. 
  • Phone number – 1-800-429-0039
  • Payment details – All credit/debit cards, Visa, MasterCard etc., are accepted. 
  • Guarantee- Guarantee for 60 days is available on any item. 
  • Return and refund policy – Within thirty days, return service is present. 
  • Shipping and delivery policies – The delivery service margin of 4 to 10 days is given. 
  • Business hours – The store is open for Business from Monday to Sunday, whereas the time is from 5:00 am to7:00 pm.
  • Sort and filter options – This option is available on the main page of the official website of gravitydefyer. 

Pros of the website to determine whether Is Gravitydefyer Legit or not! 

  • Availability of website pages on social media. 
  • It has not been found as blacklisted. 
  • The main page presents all the details regarding policies and contact numbers. 
  • Presence of mixed reviews on the website and other platforms. 

Cons of the website 

  • The address of the online store is not found anywhere. 
  • The owner’s details are not disclosed. 
  • Valid HTTP connection is not found.

Even though it has both positive and negative points, we cannot conclude yet; first, we have to check the reviews to say anything about legitimacy. 

What are Gravitydefyer Reviews?

Reviews play an important part in building the website’s reputation in the industry. Especially in a competitive industry like e-commerce, it became all the more important to have good reviews. Gravitydefyer does not seem to lack in the feedback department.

Reviews are found in bulk, both positive and negative. Many people are pleased with the quality of the products while others are not happy with the prices or services of the company. Refer to the article to be safe from Credit card scams

Final summary 

Based on our thorough research, we can answer customers’ query Is Gravitydefyer LegitAnd the answer is yes, Gravitydefyer is a prevalent and trustworthy platform. We recommend this website to the buyers to be careful and check out all the information before shopping. Check out the link for more details about the products 

What are the plans for Give feedback below and refer to the post for tips and tricks for prevention against PayPal scams

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