Is Thospita Legit (Oct 2021) Check Authentic Reviews!

Thospita, the web retail store, sells corporate gifting products and women’s fashion items. However, Is Thospita Legit? Read and verify the legitimacy.

Do you know about Thospita? It’s another web shopping store that deals with popular niche items, women’s fashions, and delivering products in the United States.

But Is Thospita Legit? Have you checked it? If not, then how could you confidently invest money- legitimacy determination nowadays is a major practice that everyone should do by all regardless of the site’s age and approaches.

If you don’t know how to check it, this blog will help you gain knowledge about this matter. Please read the rest to get unbiased information-

Legitimacy check of Thospita:

  • Thospita isn’t an old portal, it was created on 19th August 2021, and will be inactive on 20th August 2022.
  • The index rank isn’t so good; it is only 1% that doesn’t seem worthy for users.
  • Thospita Reviews are missing.
  • Location is legit; nevertheless, the absence of Thospita premises is doubtable. 
  • Broken links are absent.
  • Duplicate and standard texts summation percentage is 37%.
  • THOSPITA.COM is recorded as a domain ID.
  • Operator data isn’t fetchable on the site.
  • Not present on networking sites.
  • Payment is accepted via a single gateway.

The site is newly serving in the market; so, it needs some time to build credibility. Now it can’t be considered a shopping-friendly site. 

What is the Thospita web portal?

Thospita is a new retail hub designed to sell only female fashion products internationally, including the country United States. However, Is Thospita Legit? According to the site’s vision, it’s a women’s fashion shop, but no specific category can be seen. There is no section to check the product’s collection except on the ‘Home’ Page. The available items are few, so it can hamper the customer satisfaction ratings. 

Moreover, the product description is too short, and another notable fact is the site’s claim to sell women’s fashion commodities; however, here, you can view several other products like home furniture. Let’s dig out their policy details together-


  • Web Address:
  • Office Address: 3707, Adonia place, Sugar-land, TX-02122, USA.
  • Consumer’s Feedback: No availability of Thospita Reviews.
  • Email ID:
  • Contact Number: (832)563-4866
  • Charges of Shipping: Free domestic delivery is allowed on or over-order price 75$.
  • Return Process: As per the policy, anyone can take the facility within 30 days.
  • Replacement Policy: Replacement can be availed.
  • Shipping Policy: Shipping can take around 4 to 7 days or more than that.
  • Cancellation Policy: No details are found, so the availability of this policy couldn’t be confirmed.
  • Refund: Refund is started after returning the product.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal.

Benefits of purchasing from Thospita:

  • During the check of ‘Is Thospita Legit,’ we noticed the site sells internationally.
  • Free domestic delivery facility.

Drawbacks of the Thospita services:

  • Following the site’s declaration, it sells corporate gift products and women’s fashion products; however, we couldn’t find any proper gifting and fashion products collection.
  • No category exists for separating products, which may create difficulties among the buyers while shopping.
  • Poor index rating.
  • Consumer feedback isn’t visible anywhere.
  • The stable and active account couldn’t be identified on networking media.
  • The existence of the cancellation process is unknown.
  • According to whois, the domain was registered in Beijing city; however, the address available on the site is showing England. 

Is Thospita Legit- What do buyers think?

Consumer feedback can’t be seen on Thospita and other external platforms like TrustPilot, etc., feedback media channels. Plus, no existence of the Thospita on networking media is another loophole as it is new; therefore, it needs a social promotion on multiple platforms to gain attention. However, here the authority didn’t focus on it. Moreover, the popularity is nil as there are no reviews and no promotions.

Therefore, due to some major red flags, buyers ought to visit some other shops to buy gifting or fashion products . Are you a victim of the Credit card scam? Read.

Final Verdict:

Is Thospita Legit? It is a big ‘No’ due to the presence of several red lights such as no product category, misleading information, misleading address details, low index, no reviews, no social profile, etc. Plus, read the methods of obtaining money back from the PayPal scam

Have you already placed an order with it? What’s your feedback about it? Please comment below.

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