Is Fungoodd Scam or Legit {Sep} Check Entire Review!

Please go through this article to answer your question Is Fungoodd Scam or Legit regarding a virtual shopping store that provides household and décor products.

Do you wish to keep your kitchen items intact using high-quality and well-designed organizers? Are your kids asking for fidget spinners for their activities? Or, would you like to purchase string lights for home décor? Then, please peruse this write-up to view all these items in a store. 

Today’s article discusses an online portal’s originality, which customers from the United States are keen to learn. Therefore, please read till the end to address your question Is Fungoodd Scam or Legit.

Is Fungoodd Genuine?

We have mentioned some important details below to elucidate the sureness of this online portal. Readers must know these points if they are interested in shopping on this website. 

  • Age of Platform – This site is thirteen days beyond three months. Its creation date is 27th May 2022.
  • Trust Score of Site – 1%, a Very Poor Trust Score.
  • Alexa Grade – 3260095, which is an unimpressive rank.
  • Customer Opinions – The reviewing segment is empty for the products we surfed. However, some items contain feedback screenshots seemingly from social media. However, it is challenging to believe these Fungoodd Reviews as the dates and exact product details are missing.
  • Linking to Social Media – No connections exist on this website to platforms on social media. 
  • Contact Data’s Dependability – The e-mail address belongs to a different domain. The Net has flagged the telephone number as a scam. Furthermore, the physical address is ambiguous and seems to be a chain of hotels.
  • Improper Categorization – The team has not grouped the items properly. All items are either under the featured list or under the “Hot Sales” category. 

These details portray this platform’s dubiousness, answering Is Fungoodd Scam or Legit. Nonetheless, deciding on the store’s originality may be early for its freshness.

What is Fungoodd?

Fungoodd is a virtual marketing store that deals with household and decorative products. The products include cleaning cloths, LED string lights, mountable suction cups, phone stands, kitchen brackets, etc. The store also has a category of outdoor umbrellas.


  • Type of Site – An online marketing platform that sells household and décor items.
  • Digital Address –
  • Office Location – 372 Southampton Row, Great London-WC1B SHJ, United Kingdom
  • Phone Number – (+44) 208 638 5417
  • E-mail Address – The domain of this id is different from the website, addressing Is Fungoodd Scam or Legit.
  • Connections to Social Media – Absent
  • Goods’ Price – USD is the default option that users can change from the given dropdown.
  • Returns and Refunding Information – Shoppers can send the goods back within fourteen days. The time to refund is also fourteen days.
  • Terms and Conditions – Mentioned
  • Option to Filter – Unavailable
  • Privacy Policy – Specified
  • Method to Sort – Not included.
  • Shipping Particulars – The standard shipment timeline is twelve to twenty days. Orders below $35 have $9.9 delivery charges, and those above are free.
  • Payment Modes – PayPal, debit or credit cards of JCB, Visa, American Express, etc.


  • The description, images, and graphics of products are commendable.
  • Some items have beneficial FAQs.

Cons Underscoring Is Fungoodd Scam or Legit

  • The company’s name on the Terms page and the e-mail id’s domain are different from the subject store. 
  • The About Us section mentions the website’s launch was in 2016, which is misinformation.
  • The developers have not connected this store to social media accounts.
  • The stock of items is too less currently.
  • It is uncomfortable to determine the niches of this platform without categorization.
  • The freshness of this store is another resistance to trusting it.
  • The “Garden” category has no items, indicating underdevelopment. 
  • The Privacy Policy section lacks the compliance officer’s address at the end.

Fungoodd Reviews

Users of notable review sites have not talked about this portal in their conversations. Hence, it seems shoppers could not develop trust for this platform for its suspiciousness. Furthermore, we did not locate any written reviews in the provided segment till our scope of search. Though some products contain feedback screenshots, it is difficult to believe them as they lack dates and the exact item link. Consequently, it is a prudent decision to learn How to Get a Refund on PayPal if scammed to remain safe.


Our investigated information suggests mistrust of this portal, addressing Is Fungoodd Scam or Legit. Still, deciding about its originality may be too early now. Hence, we request you know the Methods To Get Money Back on credit card for security. Moreover, you can learn about kitchen storage ideas.

Do you believe the subject site is legitimate? Please write below. 

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