Is Akmmall Legit or Scam {Sep} Read Genuine Reviews!

Do you want to study Is Akmmall Legit or Scam? Please survey this article to learn an details on 

Have you desired to learn about the authenticity of Are you finding the latest threads on this shopping portal? Meticulously undergo this writing to be updated about this online shop. 

Shopping through different online portals has become hectic and risky since online scammers. To save money from these fraudsters, people from various global parts, including the United States, are now questioning, particularly the comments retrieved by it. So, we suggest you kindly look at the sections below religiously if you want to know, Is Akmmall Legit or Scam

Is Suspicious?

This passage will display some key pointers that will help you fetch the website’s authenticity, so we suggest you observe and concentrate below. 

  • Website Freezing Date– The research expressed that 05-09-2023 is the cessation date of
  • Shoppers’ Reactions– We noticed no authentic reviews on Trustpilot. But, our deep investigation found some sources indicating a suspicious portal. So, all this information added a negative point to this shopping website. 
  • Discount Information– We explored that this portal serves high-discounted items. So, by observing this factor, you might find skeptical since only suspicious websites provide this facility to cheat shoppers. 
  • Trust Score– The Akmmall Reviews analysis examined that retained only 1% value, denoting several inquiries. 
  • Portal Registration Age– We detected that the site’s establishment date is 05-09-2022, which explains that is 10 days old.
  • Alexa Rank– 1122359 Alexa rank is found during the examination. 
  • Bulk-Purchasing Facility– We realize that the mass-buying option is present on this website. 
  • Social Media Connections– Sadly, we haven’t seen any threads on social icons on this website. 
  • Trust Rank– We explored that assembled only a 39.6/100 value. 
  • Owner’s Identity Presence– The inspection showed no information on the founder’s details, adding a vital point to consider Is Akmmall Legit or Scam?
  • Address Details– According to a property-oriented site, the address is not linked with this online shop but is a single-family home. So, this misleading information retrieved from the portal raises many doubts. 

Illustrating This Website

According to the investigation, is an online buying platform selling huge discounted items like sneakers from famous brands like Nike and Ray Ban eyeglasses. Moreover, apart from these products, we invented the portal serving socks, masks, T-shirts, etc. 

However, we found the website’s layout identical to numerous other problematic sites. Please notice the passages below if you are curious to peel more details about this portal. 

Describing Specifications To Examine Is Akmmall Legit or Scam? 

  • Our evaluation found that is the portal’s official URL.
  • We surveyed the shop auctioning T-shirts, sneakers, etc. 
  • The examination of this website presented no clues on the telephone number. 
  • While surveying, we noted that the buyer could choose between PayPal and a credit card to transact on 
  • The research on return policy found that on full-priced and eligible items, the portal declared to serve the option of a global return.  
  • We retained two email addresses from, i.e., YOGMHUMS@QTBROWSER.COM and SALES@FAMILYCUSTOMER.COM.
  • Upon researching, the unavailability of social icons is noted, considering which you can estimate whether Is Akmmall Legit or Scam
  • The inquiry reflected that 05-09-2022 is the registration date of, exposing that it is a 10 days old shopping platform. 
  • Whether your refund is accepted or declined, the portal’s team will respond to you through the mail. 
  • No exchange policy details are located within this site. 
  • From the Contact Us page, we gained an address 320 W Kimberly Rd, Davenport, IA 52806, USA.
  • This online store declared the shipping time is 7 to 9 working days. 
  • The facility of newsletter subscription is supplied within this site. 
  • We got no clue about the estimated delivery date from this website. 

Advantages Observed

  • The Akmmall Reviews inquiry discovered the email and location details. 
  • We inspected the newsletter option.

Drawbacks Realized Within This Portal

  • Our examination detected no comments on Trustpilot. 
  • The phone number is absent.
  • The website showed no social network icons. 

Believable Customers’ Comments

The scrutiny noted no feedback on any online platform like Trustpilot exhibiting inquiries. Furthermore, we retained very poor scores connected to So, we can’t raise a green flag to this website since of the low score and recent domain age. You can keep more information on credit card fraud here

The Final Words

This write-up researched all the essential details to find Is Akmmall Legit or Scam? But, after observing all the possible indications, we tagged as questionable. Retain here about how to avoid PayPal scams here. Study about the history of sneakers here

Does this article match your thoughts on Present your reviews below. 

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