Irene Bernasconi Biography: Explore Her Age, Family, Wikipedia And YOUTUBE Details, Also Check Her Cause of Death

This post on the Irene Bernasconi Biography will reveal some interesting facts about the life of the great marine biologist, Irene Bernasconi.

Do you know Irene Bernasconi? Who is she? People do not know much about this personality but this lady has made her name in the books. People Worldwide are talking a lot about Irene Bernasconi. So, this post on Irene Bernasconi Biography will guide the audience on the life, death, and career of Irene Bernasconi. 

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Who was Irene Bernasconi?

Irene was a marine biologist who had done research in an echinoderm. The lady was known for her doings in Antarctica. She had spent more than half of her life conducting echinoderm research in Antarctica. She belonged to Argentina and served her life for the development of her nation. Giving 55 years to the nation is not easy and she did it.

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Irene Bernasconi: Wikipedia

This stanza will guide the readers on important life updates like birth date, death, career, and cause of death. Kindly read the section to know everything about Irene Bernasconi. 

Real Name Irene María Bernasconi
Birth Date September 29, 1896
Birth Place La Plata, Argentina 
Death Date July 7, 1989
Death Place  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Death Cause Unavailable 
Occupation  Marine Biologist 
Age when she died 92 years
Parents Unavailable 
Irene Bernasconi Children Unavailable 
Irene Bernasconi Discoveries A revised taxonomy of several species; launched new species in 1965
Irene Bernasconi Contributions Contributed to the marine expedition by conducting different research.
Irene Bernasconi Where I Study Unavailable; started her career working as a teacher in 1918.

Cause of Death: Irene Bernasconi

Many sources revealed that Irene died at the age of 92 in the capital where she was born. She died on July 7, 1989, after spending 55 years of her life on a marine expedition. Her contribution is countless and she made history by becoming the first woman from Argentina to become a marine biologist. Unfortunately, online sources do not reveal much about her death. So, it is still a mystery for many how she died. We will update our readers if the cause of her death is revealed.

Why is Irene Bernasconi trending?

On November 7, 1968, Thursday, Irene went on a marine biological survey in Antarctica. At the Age of 72, she made history by becoming the first Argentinian woman to carry this expedition. This day is celebrated and marked in her name. To celebrate this day in memory of a Late Marine Biologist, Google doodle commemorated her name and logo on the homepages on November 7, 2022. This made her trending on several online platforms and people started talking about her. Some people do not know about her, so we have shared everything about this great personality. 

Discoveries of Irene Bernasconi

As per online sources, she had found many new species and genera in the water. She revised the Family of some species including Gonisasteridae, Asterinidae, Pterasteridae, etc. She introduced the genus Pteraster in her first publication in 1935. Later, she also mentioned about two fresh species of the genus Luidia in 1941. On November 7, 1968, she creates history by doing an expedition in Antarctica.


The readers can watch her biography on Youtube Channels. They have discussed her life and why google doodle has commemorated her name.

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Read About Irene Bernasconi Biography: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who was Irene Bernasconi?

Ans. She was a popular marine biologist who had done various expeditions in sea stars, brittle stars, etc.

  1. When was Irene Bernasconi born?

Ans. She was born on September 29, 1986.

  1. When did she start her career?

Ans. She started her career working as a teacher in 1918 later she worked with the Argentina Museum of Natural Science.

  1. Why is she trending on Google? 

Ans. To remember her remarkable expedition in Antarctica, she was featured on Google Doodle. Her logo was featured on the home pages of Google.

  1. Are there any YOUTUBE channels showing her biography?

Ans. Yes, there are videos on YouTube sharing her biography.

  1. How many kids did Irene have?

Ans. There is no update on her children.

  1. Whom did Irene Bernasconi marry?

Ans. The online sources have not revealed about her spouse or if she had been married to anyone.

  1. At what age did she die?

Ans. She died at the age of 92.

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