{Watch New Video} Cat in Blender Part 2 Reddit: Is It Cat in Blender TG? Check Recent News Now!

The article describes the information related to Cat in Blender Part 2 Reddit details and gives an insight into what is present in the second part of the video.

Have you heard of the incident of a cat in a blender? The video gathered much attention from people since it was leaked online. People all across the globe, especially in the United States, were eager to know more details about the video, and they are now expressing their views on part 2 of the video.

We will provide the complete details of Cat in Blender Part 2 Reddit and try to answer all your queries in this article. Keep reading the complete post to know the details.

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Disclaimer- We do not intend to hurt the self-respect or dignity of anyone associated with the news. The news provided is only for informative purposes.

Cat blender part 2 is surfacing on Reddit.

A few weeks ago, a heartbreaking video of a pet cat put in a blender surfaced online, and now another video was shared on May 8 that has shocked everyone. In the second part, we can see a group of mostly animal abusers repeating the same incident in China, where they can be seen grabbing felines, putting them in blenders, and torturing the animals until they lose their life.

The incident was horrific, but the video has been removed from the platform. 

Cat in Blender Part 2 video details

The second horrific incident was shared by one of the users on Twitter which is now a suspended account. Viewers who accidentally came across the video said that the second part was more horrifying than the first one and regretted watching the video again. 

The horrific video tells the inhuman activity of people who tortured this poor animal, and even after the first person was arrested, they were unafraid of the consequences and still chose to repeat the same.

Cat in Blender TG

People first came across the second part of the Cat in a Blender on Twitter, expressing their shock and distress over the video. They said they did not expect the video to contain some other content, and people expected it to be the first part. Still, when people came across the second video, they were heartbroken to find people torturing these little creatures. 

The person who shared the video on Twitter is now suspended, and people are questioning how it was presented by the person who shared the video online.

What is present in part 2 of the video?

The Cat in Blender, Part 2 of the video, is a more horrendous act than the first, and people who come across the video are traumatized. Reports suggest that the video went viral on tik tok as well, and people came across the video on that platform even though it was blocked from the online channels; it continued to spread, evolved furiousness and anger among the users.

People have demanded strict action against those animal abusers and want them to receive more punishment than the first person arrested.

People’s reaction to the video.

People were extremely sad and distressed when they came across the Cat in Blender Part 2 Reddit video, demanding the animal abusers be arrested as soon as possible. As per the reports, the first person, who was a Chinese blogger, was arrested, but there are still no reports of whether he is the same person who committed the crime and received any punishment since killing cats is not held as a crime in China.

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The Cat in a Blender part 2 video is more distressing than the first part, and the group that committed the crime consisted of both minus and grown-ups. One of the minors, about ten years old, confessed that he enjoyed abusing animals on a Chinese social media website.

What are your thoughts on the video? Have you watched the second part online? Comment below.

Cat in Blender Part 2 Reddit -FAQs

Q1. When was the Cat in a Blender part 2 circulated online?

It was circulated on May 8 2023.

Q2. Who is involved in the crime?

A group of animal abusers, particularly from China, committed the crime.

Q3. Are those people arrested?


Q4. Where was the video first shared?

The video was first shared on Twitter.

Q5. What is the people’s reaction to the second part?

People were heartbroken and sad when they came across the video.

Q6. Is the video available on online platforms?


The video has been removed.

Q7. Who all consisted in the animal abusers group?

The group consisted of grown-ups and minors.

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