Caso Mangue 937 Fotos: Details On Família Pesseghini, Explicação, Angelica, Boldrini

Our research on Caso Mangue 937 Fotos will update you with incidents like Bernardo Boldrini and Beatriz Angelica

Did you watch the pictures of Mangue 937? The Watch People Die platform allows you to visit the Caso Mangue 937 Fotos which are extremely shocking for everyone. No one can watch the videos and photos as they are extremely disturbing for everyone in Brazil. Today, we will discuss some interesting updates on the Mangue 937 videos and photos.

About Caso Mangue 937 Fotos

As per online sources, Mangue 937 shared several brutal pictures of three women who were hitten and killed brutally by the group of Comando Vermelho group. Some pictures and videos are circulated on social media after they were posted on sites like Watch People Die. 

Caso Família Pesseghini

As per online sources, the Pesseghini family in Sao Paulo has been killed. The five members of this family were killed including two military police officers. Luis Marcelo Pesseghini (40 years), his 35 years old wife, Andreia Regina Bovo Pesseghini, Andreia’s mother, Benedita Oliveira Bovo, sister of Bernardita, Bernardete Oliveira, and son of the couple, Marcelo, were found dead in 2013. 

Caso Mangue 937 Explicação

As per online sources, when this keyword is searched online, it shows results of many pictures from the Watch People Die platform. In the videos and pictures, we can see that people were killed brutally by a group. There is not one incident of Mangue 937, but one can find numerous death videos.

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Caso Bernardo Boldrini

As per online sources, it is a different case from the above-discussed keywords. In this case, Bernardo Boldrini was a young kid who was only 11 years old and was found dead on April 14, 2014. His father, stepmother, and the friend of the couple were convicted. His father was convicted on March 23, 2023, and in the Caso Bernardo Boldrini, he was given 31 years and eight months of imprisonment. 

However, in 2021, the jury annulled the conviction of the father of Bernardo Boldrini. But, later he was convicted by the court.

Caso Beatriz Angelica!

As per sources, Beatriz Angelica was a young girl of 7. She was killed in her school. The police team has been trying to find the culprit and the CITGROUP has aided the family during the hard time. They have helped the family to seek justice for their daughter. On January 11, 2022, the culprit of the Caso Beatriz Angelica was convicted for committing this crime. The DNA was matched and the offender had confessed the crime. The CITGROUP will continue to assist the family in upcoming procedures. 

Are all cases linked? 

As per Caso Mangue 937 Explicação, all the cases are different from one another. There is only a link between all the cases which is that these cases belong to Brazil. They are trending along with each other as their updates are available on the Watch People Die platform. Caso Família Pesseghini is different from Bernardo Boldrini and Beatriz Angelica’s case. So, the readers should not get confused about the same.


Wrapping up this research, we have provided the essential facts on the Mangue 937 website which is sharing killing videos of people. Such incidents are heart-wrenching.

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DISCLAIMER: We do not motivate any insanity against any human being. The facts are shared because the readers want to read. 

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