How to Lose Extra Body Fat?

Losing fat is not difficult but it requires consistency, hard work, and a healthy lifestyle. So, Plan a goal and strain every nerve to achieve that.


The process of losing body fat and gaining muscle mass varies from body to body. For instance, each body type (and morpheme, Ectomorph, and mesomorph) needs to follow up different meal plan training styles to get in shape. To get better results, it is better to consult a dietitian or doctor before following any meal plans or exercise because this is the way to do smart work instead of trying unnecessary things, you are going to speed up the process. However, these are some best recommended and general principles that can be helpful to get the dream physic.

Weight Training/ Resistance training

 Training one or two muscle groups per day( according to your fitness goals is the best idea to build muscles and tone your body. Secondly, doing weight training is necessary to build muscles and lose fat.  A bit of resistance training will help you to build mobility, have more energy, correct your posture and strengthen your bones. According to research, regular resistance training helps you to lower the risk of heart disease, lighten up your mood, and strengthen memory.  

Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises mean you will breathe more oxygen and your heart beat rate will increase more as compared to normal.  However, when you are intending to lose body fat, a mix of weight training and cardiovascular training is essential. 

Because when you are doing just weight training, your heartbeat is consistent to some point, but when you are doing cardio, your heart rate increases to the maximum which ultimately helps you to burn more calories. 

One thing that everyone needs to bear in mind is that only doing cardio will not help you to burn fat. it is better to warm up and do 30 min resistance training workout and then you can start cardio for 20 min.

There are so many benefits of cardio training. It improves the health of your heart, and lungs, and regulates the blood flow in veins. It enables you to think more clearly.

You can schedule several cardiovascular exercises for a whole week. For instance, cycling, rope jumping, jumping jacks, and running. 

Follow-up plan:

  • Warm up and stretch for 15 min before and after a workout
  • 20 min resistance training targeting two muscle groups each day
  • You can do a push-and-pull training program as well. 

Eat balanced diet

 First, eating a balanced diet means consuming all essential ingredients from a variety of vegetables, fruits, beans, and other protein resources like milk, fish, red meat, Beef, and eggs, and cutting out all those unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks from your diet. Eating a moderate diet is necessary to be physically fit. So,  eat organic food if it is possible. Secondly, plan your diet according to age group. Thirdly, following a diet chart is a good idea. Make sure you are eating more sustainably (eating every food that is easily accessible to you) because that way you are putting all those ingredients in your body that are necessary for human health

There are innumerable benefits to eating a balanced diet. Firstly, when you are putting all the necessary ingredients into your body, you are strengthening your immune system which will ultimately strengthen your immune system to fight against deadly diseases and infections. Every diet has its health benefits that serve a specific purpose. For instance, when you are eating healthy fats, from almonds, walnuts, and peanuts, you are directly helping your mind to fight depression and anxiety. 

Further, it is also necessary to eat protein-rich diets because protein is an essential and most important element when you are doing exercise because protein helps you to recover from muscles soreness, 

Take Enough Sleep

Rest is essential after workout after workout. Lifting weight and doing intense training breaks muscle tissue and it requires at least 8 hours of sleep and a protein meal to recover muscle soreness, enough sleep reduces depression, and anxiety and boosts creativity.  When you take enough meals and sleep for 8 hours, you recharge your batteries for the next day. 

Doing hard training in the gym not only makes your body feel exhausted but also tired of your mind as well. When you spend a day away from the gym or a hectic routine, you are psychologically taking a break to ease your mind which will produce enough stamina to bear the pain for next week. 

Play a variety of Support to burn more calories and add 

It is a good idea to try martial art to be physically fit and build strength. Martial arts apart from other benefits is the more fun way to get stronger as compared to weight training and other related exercises. Training martial, especially BJJ is the best way to have fun, refresh your mode and lose extra body fat in a more fun way. There are many sports that you can play to burn calories and gain muscle mass but most of the recommended exercises are kicking, punching, and grappling.

Further, you can practice martial arts like judo, jiu-jitsu, and boxing to have more fun and burn extra calories, in regular exercise you are training at a limited pace but when you are training boxing or jiu-jitsu, you are pushing your limits, which will ultimately raise your heartbeat and burn more calories. 


Healthy living requires some restrictions in eating, drinking enough water, consuming of variety of food, and regular exercise. It is better to plan your day for each work to find enough time to sleep better and have fun in the realm of nature to retreat the tired body and mind.

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