3 Famous Motorcycle Routes to Explore In Honolulu, Hawaii

As a travel enthusiast, if you want to plan a perfect adventure, you need to consider Hawaii as your next destination. Offering the best water sports, exotic cuisine, and the perfect combination of fun and adventure activities, Hawaii is the place straight out of a vacation movie.

As a travel enthusiast, you might want to visit a place that can help you get closer to nature, and stay calm while offering you the best vacation experience. If you are looking for the perfect combination that involves all these features, Hawaii is the place to be.

Even though it is part of the USA and the infrastructure is good for travelers since it is considered a famous tourist destination, you will notice that it has a very unique and fun culture. Other than helping you get closer to nature, you will be drawn towards the complete shift that it offers in terms of food, fun activities, and lifestyle.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, the basic idea is to look for an exotic place where you can travel and enjoy the scenery however if you live somewhere far away and you are planning to visit Hawaii for sake of a motorcycle journey, you need to keep in mind that this might get a little expensive, this is mainly because carrying your motorcycle with you means paying extra for the luggage and since you are not sure about the travel conditions you cannot confirm if your motorcycle will get to you safely.

This is the reason most people will get here to rent a motorcycle for their trip. This is a much better and more affordable travel option. In case you want to bring your motorcycle along, you will have to use a ferry service or a plane, so make sure you book everything before you travel.

With the help of this article, we will help you know about some of the fun activities that you must experience while staying in Hawaii. We will then look at some of the best motorcycle routes that you can explore while visiting Honolulu, Hawaii.

5 Things to Enjoy While Staying In Hawaii

  • Feast on Some Poke Bowl

While in Hawaii you will get to enjoy some of the most delicious food combinations. One of the best ones so far is the poke bowl which is a perfect blend of healthy and tasty food. Mixed with some grains, vegetables, and protein mix you can get to enjoy seafood, fresh vegetables, and much more all in one bowl.

  • Ala Moana Center

Perfect for a retail therapy where you can calm your nerves while buying some flowing summer dresses. This is the place where you can also get some souvenirs for friends and family back home.

  • Walk on the Waikiki Beach

The perfect blend of white sandy beach and some fun family activities, Waikiki Beach is truly a place where you get to enjoy the view and calm your nerves.

  • Coffee

Coffee in Honolulu is not just a drink but a complete experience. Offering you the perfect blend of rich caramel sweetness, milky froth, and some creamy richness of the coffee, you will never forget the coffee experience of Hawaii.

  • Diamond Head

Straight out of a movie scene, the Aerial view of this place is breathtaking and it will offer you a peek into some of the most mesmerizing natural views.

Motorcycle Routes to Explore In Honolulu

  • East Maui Loop

This loop spreads across 112 miles which means you will easily spend a whole day exploring this route. The natural location with a perfect blend of lush greens, balmy winds, and warm fuzzy sun, this loop will offer you a view straight out of heaven. Most people visit this place just for the charm of Jurassic Park.

  • Hana Highway

This is a highway that spreads across 37 miles only, however, there is so much to enjoy and explore that you can easily spend your whole day here. This is the ideal route for people who like some adventure because of the twisty road conditions you will get to enjoy the place much better moreover, the famous jaw surfing area also attracts some of the best surfers.

  • Tantalus

Spreading across just 5 miles, the place is interesting enough that you will be bound to spend at least your whole day here. The best part about this route is the zig-zag riding pattern that you can enjoy while riding your motorcycle. Most adventure enthusiasts especially visit this place because they want to enjoy some fun riding experience.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you plan your trip. Your trip should not just limit you to fun places where you will con violently find all the things nearby. Although staying near the beach or staying near the supermarket will help, going out in the wilderness will help you explore many more options and it will give you a much better view of things as compared to when you stay near resorts and crowded spaces. 

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