Top 4 Best Motorcycle Routes to Explore In Michigan

If you are in for some real adventure, there is no better place to be than Michigan. House for the finest automobiles, perfect education scene, and mind-boggling natural view, Michigan is the true dream for every traveler. Most people will tell you that Michigan is only famous for colleges whereas, some will limit you to the basics of nature; however, most people do not know about the rich culture that Michigan has to offer. Michigan is the true land of knowledge and nature where you will find the finest fruit, the best natural traveling routes, and some of the best landscapes.

If you like water bodies, Michigan will become your new favorite spot to visit and this is not just limited to a motorcycle journey, instead, you will be able to enjoy all these things with your family and your friends as well.

With the help of this article, we will look at Michigan from the tourists’ point of view. We will explore some of the best routes that you can take during your motorcycle trip and some of the fun activities that you can enjoy alone, with friends, family, and people you love. We will also list down some tourist destinations that you must visit during your stay and travel.

Why Visit Michigan?

Most people think that Michigan will limit them to just a few destinations and there is nothing new to enjoy than just a few lakes and some basic automobile museums. However, once you come to this place only then you will realize how much more it can offer. Here are some of the main reasons that will convince you to visit Michigan for your next motorcycle road trip:

  • Perfect route with a view of the lake
  • Offering you a peek into the ancient lifestyle
  • Best for water sports specifically kayaking
  • Offering the best wine fresh from the vineyards
  • Best routes for hiking
  • Breathtaking view of the tulips in the city of Holland
  • Best food for everyone because it hosts so many students from around the globe
  • So many art museums and fun activity spots  

Fun Places to Visit In Michigan

As a tourist, you will have plenty of things to do. If you are thinking that a solo trip can get boring, there is no better place to go than to visit Michigan. Here are some fun places that you can visit alone or with friends:

  •  Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Known for its education scene, the University of Michigan also features a breathtaking botanical garden. If you have any interest in plants and their species you will find yourself here. This garden also has some exotic and rare plant species as well.

  • Holland State Park

Holland town is famous for its tulip gardens however, most people forget about Holland State Park which offers a breathtaking natural view and multiple fun activities. You will also have access to the public beach where you can swim easily.

  • Upper Peninsula

Perfect for summers and winters because you will have fun things in both seasons. You will enjoy stargazing, camping, and mountain biking in summer whereas, during the winter you can enjoy skiing, ice-fishing, and snowmobiling.

Motorcycle Routes to Explore In Michigan

  • Lake Superior Coast

This routes starch across the upper peninsula and offers you the perfect view of the lake superior, you will ride across the coastline and enjoy the view of waterfalls, lighthouses, and some epic lush forests on your way as well.

  • Marquette Loop

Going through the Marquette loop, you will get to either from the Upper Peninsula side. You can then pass through the M-35 which is almost 50 miles long. The scenery is breathtaking as it will offer you the view of some midsize green hills and the lighthouse just light in the movies.

  • Red Arrow Highway

While passing through the new buffalo region you can then enter the red arrow where you can enjoy the side view of the Michigan lake shore. You can stop anywhere and enjoy the coastal village that is filled with some of the best art galleries and vineyards.

  • Tunnel of Trees

While passing through Emmet County from the north of the harbor spring, you will get to pass through the best and most scenic route also known as the tunnel of the tree. Here you will enjoy the spectacular view of Michigan lake and enjoy some sharp curves like Devil’s Elbow

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, Michigan is truly a place where you can enjoy your stay. Whereas other places offer you the extreme weather spectrum. Michigan has very moderate weather throughout the year. Although a bit moist but when planned well you will enjoy your trip. The best thing about Michigan is the water sports and the lakes that add to the view.

If you are traveling with your family or friends, you have to visit the lakes here. Moreover, most of the routes will take you along the lakes helping you enjoy the view while you travel. Also, the place has a very good traveling infrastructure so you don’t have to worry about travel hazards or issues you might face while traveling like narrow roads or bad pathways. 

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