High-Quality Video Processing Tik Tok

In order to get a high-quality video that will help you get a lot of positive feedback on the network, you need to familiarize yourself with video processing Tik Tok and learn the main tips and secrets of the process. Everything is very simple, you should not be afraid, but you cannot do without knowing certain nuances. Therefore, in order for you to be able to edit TikTok video perfectly, we suggest you take into account some useful information.


  • if you record only with a camera/phone, you need to keep it as close as possible to the person;
  • if recording outside, try to record in a quiet place (relevant for any type of recording actually); if there is wind, stand with your back to it and cover the microphone from the wind;
  • if you write on the phone, you can connect native headphones with a microphone – and hold them close to the person or even touch them (it may look strange, but it works for the result);
  • you can also find a voice recorder (even an old one) and write in parallel on it (it takes a little more time to install, but it also works).


Here everything works as in the photo:

  • we keep the horizon level;
  • we use composite grids (place the object at an intersection);
  • if we plan to make a video for social networks, keep the object in an imaginary square;
  • if we are recording a synchronize/interview, place the camera conditionally at the level of the heroine’s eyes.

Some nuances can be corrected using the TikTok editing app, but you should try to create the original picture as high as possible.


For an expressive picture, light plays a huge role. In bad lighting, even the best TikTok editing app can’t always fix the situation. Ago:

  • if we shoot a video outdoors, we must take into account that the best time for shooting is a few hours after sunrise and before sunset.
  • any light should be placed to the left or right of the subject. This way, the picture is more expressive and voluminous, and the object will not be too light or dark.


There are several ways to stabilize your camera/phone:

  • the most reliable and easiest is to put the camera on a tripod (you can also use a phone – you also need a holder for the phone);
  • steadicam/electronic stabilizer — for more advanced operators, because it requires fine adjustments for good stabilization;
  • if it is not possible, you can hold the camera with your hands. An important nuance is to press the elbows to the body to reduce oscillations.


The more control we have over the camera, the better the video will be. You can use the basic settings of your device and also use TikTok video editor.


An underrated aspect, but if you do everything right in the previous points and not here, your efforts will be wasted.

After we press the “Record” button, we should make as little sound as possible, especially if we record it on the camera. We don’t do anything to get in the way of high-quality and trouble-free recording of a clear soundtrack to the video. If we shoot on a smartphone, we switch it to airplane mode. And during shooting, the smartphone should not make sounds or vibrate.

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