3 Smart Ways to Increase Instagram Live Video Views (2023)

Live videos on Instagram allow influencers entrepreneurs to be in touch with their followers, potential customers and target audience. This feature was developed specifically for those creators who aim to attract as many new loyal fans as possible and grow a page of any size. However, attracting and building trusting relationships with the audience is a challenge for bloggers and businessmen, it is quite difficult to stand out and overtake competitors here.

It’s not enough to just start streaming, answer questions from viewers and tell them something. First of all, you need to attract them and convince them that your live video is worth their attention and time spent.

In this article we will talk about the 4 best ways to get live video views. We’ll tell you why this is necessary and how views will help your page’s statistics skyrocket. Keep reading!

What are views in general?

This is the main statistical parameter that clearly demonstrates how many people are watching your live broadcast. Views are a necessity, not a whim, without them your lives will be empty noise, and you won’t see the result you expect. Moreover, live videos with a large number of interactions become higher in the user feed, therefore, they are more visible and can interest a lot more people.

That’s why we decided to create this short guide that will help you improve statistics at lightning speed and get as many views as you really deserve.

  • Use paid views

It’s no secret that many influencers and entrepreneurs on IG cooperate with advertising companies to get new followers, likes, comments, saves and so on. This is reasonable and correct from the point of view of promotion, paid boosts stimulate the growth of accounts and contribute to improving the level of engagement and reach. The same goes with views – yes, you can just buy real instagram live video views, and that’s the best thing of all. The advantage is that by 2 clicks, you get a result to which the creators go for several months and even years. Moreover, the whole process is automated, and all actions are performed by qualified specialists. You don’t need to control the delivery process or anything else, everything will be done without your participation.

It is important to know : not all advertising companies are honest and conscientious, so before delegating some PR tasks to the service, make sure that they aren’t scammers. Read the reviews of previous clients, study the site and talk to the manager. Ask absolutely all the questions you are interested in and be sure to ask about the guarantee of real interactions. If the company is great, they’ll provide you with all the information, tell you about the principles of delivery. Invest wisely!

  • Build pre-broadcast anticipation

Which streams do viewers want to visit? Interesting and inspiring, of course! The best way to create excitement before your live broadcast is to creatively use the Story feature. There is nothing better than telling users in advance what they can expect from live video. Tell them everything: when there will be a live broadcast, what is the main thing, what topics you’ll discuss and who will be interested there. The ideal time to create such stories is approximately 24-48 hours before live videos, but you can announce it a little sooner so that all users will see exactly the right stories and come.

We also recommend reminding followers a few hours before the start of the live broadcast, in which case all interested viewers will come and spend time with you. A great solution is to add a countdown sticker so that people get notified when you start streaming – use this too for the best result and getting views.

  • Save a live video 

And the last, but no less effective tactic is to save your streams in the feed. People who visit your account and see previous streams (if they were great and interesting) are more likely to want to visit the next ones and get closer to you. 

Save your live videos, tell the public about how great it was and what topics you managed to discuss with people. This will attract even more fans, and, accordingly, you’ll get more views in the future. Good luck!

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