How to exchange Monero in 2022 via Online Online: There are many cryptocurrency exchange resources where you can exchange Monero. Godex belongs to the highest-ranked platforms to perform this operation: it is an advanced platform for converting cryptocurrencies. It differs from its analogs because it works on blockchain and provides users with the opportunity to perform operations anonymously, without registering an account and passing verification.

Godex: Features of the Exchanger

According to its Privacy Policy, believes that the verification procedure conflicts with the original idea of creating cryptocurrencies – keeping user data secret and safe. Therefore, the exchanger requires only the address for sending assets. The system automatically deletes data about your wallet number within one week.

Such a procedure is beneficial to clients not only from the point of view of anonymity. Hackers are not interested in a resource where people’s data is not stored. You do not have to worry that information about financial transactions or contact details will be leaked to third parties or stolen by fraudsters and identity thieves.

The platform interface is simple and easily understandable. All the necessary functions are placed on the main page. Even a beginner can use the services of the Godex exchanger — it works in 15 languages, has fixed rates for the duration of an exchange, has high transaction speed, and runs on reliable software. 

In addition, customers have access to 24/7 operational support. The platform employees will help novice crypto searchers to understand the gist of conducting transactions and get through the difficulties if they encounter some. 

Plus, you can read the FAQ section, follow the platform on Twitter and Facebook, read their articles in Medium — they often write about new cryptocurrencies and peculiarities of crypto trading, etc. The links to their accounts are on the bottom of the website. 

How to Perform an Exchange of Monero via Godex io

On the main page of the website, you will see two dropdown lists: cryptocurrencies you deposit into the service and coins that you receive as a result of the exchange. The total number of assets you can conduct an exchange with is more than 200. Choose a direction and deposit the number of coins you want to exchange. There is no top limit.

Let’s say you want to exchange XMR to MATIC:

  • Specify the amount of Monero and click the Exchange button.
  • The built-in robot will start looking for the best rate on crypto exchanges to which the service is connected through the APIs, taking into account liquidity rates on each of them into calculations.
  • If you are satisfied with the rate, you need to add the Matic wallet address to which the exchanger will deposit the cryptocurrency and confirm the action by clicking the Exchange button.
  • The system will freeze the rate for 30 minutes and display a line with the wallet address you want Monero deposited at.
  • When the conversion completes, you will see the details on the page.

If you need to repeat the operation after the completion, click Restart Exchange. The conversion duration depends on the time it takes to confirm it within the blockchain — processing can take from 5 to 30 minutes.

Cryptocurrency Statistics

When choosing cryptocurrencies to exchange, you will see additional information on the same page about both currencies. It looks like the example below.

About Monero About Polygon
Name Monero Name Polygon
Symbol XMR Symbol MATIC
Circulating supply 18 011 216 $ Circulating supply 6 720 693 343 $
Max supply 0 $ Max supply 10 000 000 000 $
Cmc rank 37 $ Cmc rank 22 $
Volume 24h 165 203 663 $ Volume 24h 596 262 445 $
Percent change 1h -1,73 % Percent change 1h -0,84 %
Percent change 24h -4,69 % Percent change 24h 0,56 %
Percent Change 7d -6,82 $ Percent Change 7d -3,97 $

Commissions at

The exchange rate of the cryptocurrency exchange platform is slightly different from the exchange rate. It is a common practice of monetization for such services. The cost of the operation includes the cost of the current transaction for the target cryptocurrencies plus about 0.5% of the sum you pay for the services of the platform itself.


There are very few Godex-level platforms on the Internet. Anonymous exchange services without specifying personal data will have even bigger potential in the future. Regulators are making more and more efforts to control the owners of cryptocurrencies because they’re often paying for illegal activities. Crypto exchanges often require verification and KYC procedure that requires users to share their ID card, photos, and other identifications (Know Your Customer). Therefore, people who are not eager to share their personal details and still need to exchange their cryptocurrencies will want the services of fast, reliable, and anonymous conversion. Godex fits that description perfectly. 

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