A Guide to an Exchange Office in Turkey

Users of cryptocurrencies are aware of the mobile apps and websites for popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Additionally, they are knowledgeable about the costs, guidelines, and rules associated with exchanging any kind of cryptocurrency. What about the “exchange office,” though? The development of cryptocurrency exchange platforms has led to the establishment of cryptocurrency exchange offices in Turkey, which operate somewhat differently from exchange websites and apps. I will go over all the information you require concerning the cryptocurrency exchange office Turkey in this post. Let’s move forward!

What Is an Exchange Office?

An exchange office is a physical cryptocurrency business that facilitates exchanges of different cryptocurrencies. These businesses deal with the purchasing and selling of various cryptocurrencies. NakitCoins is an illustration of an exchange office. They have a number of locations where cryptocurrency owners and traders may go in person to conduct trades.

There are few ways to pay at these offices. They will take payment in the form of local fiat money. Even though some payment methods may be restricted, fiat money is the only payment option that you can be certain an exchange office in Turkey will accept. They have crypto specialists on staff that can provide knowledgeable advice to users and dealers of cryptocurrencies.

Essential Things to Know About an Exchange Office in Turkey

You should be aware of the information in this section regarding the exchange office in Turkey. Let’s investigate it.

1. Before conducting any crypto buying or selling transactions, a form of identification must be brought to the exchange office in Turkey.

2. Turkish lira is the payment method accepted by any exchange office in Turkey to buy and sell the available crypto coins.

3. Since the majority of these exchange offices do not supply an exchange-specific wallet to clients, a wallet address is necessary.

4. Their weekend and weekday working hours are varied.

5. Istanbul and Ankara are now the only cities in Turkey with crypto exchange offices. It is expected that more offices will be added in the future.

6. In Turkey, these exchange offices must be visited in person. They do not have a mobile app for cryptocurrency and do not accept cryptocurrency transactions online. This is important for you to know so that you do not lose money and assets to fraudsters.

7. They have a contact number where you may call to speak with a customer service agent immediately, and they have a WhatsApp account where you can interact with an agent directly. But keep in mind that you may only get information from these two sources; it is not possible to buy or sell cryptocurrency through this channel.

8. The lowest and highest commission rates are set in stone.

9. Trades are subject to minimum and maximum transaction limitations at an exchange office in Turkey.

10. Transactions have an age restriction. Anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to purchase or sell any cryptocurrency.

Concluding Thoughts About an Exchange Office in Turkey

What an exchange office entails has been thoroughly covered in this article. Now you know everything you need to be aware of to purchase or sell cryptocurrency using this method.

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