Tinge Wordle {May} Get Correct Answer For Puzzle 338!

Scroll down the below article that contains the hints, meanings, and correct answers for wordle 338, as many got confused with misspelled word Tinge Wordle.

Do you know what was the new Wordle for the game last night? Do you what to know the correct answer for the last game? If not, then let us read below for more. Many people in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and India are more comfortable playing the wordle version of the unlimited letter. 

It is very difficult in the last puzzle to reveal the answer to the game, as many hints on Twitter were available. Read below about the hints of the puzzle given about Tinge Wordle to stop unwanted guesses by unknown users.

Was the Tinge a new answer or the new update of the game?

Tinge is not the update of the game but the wrong answer for the last puzzle! The last puzzle of number 338 is not posted correctly by Twitter users, and many have misspelled it. Based on the hints, the answer for the Wordle in the unlimited version has listed new words with their meanings.

The answer for the wordle 338 hash was HINGE and not TINGE. The correct answer was later posted on the official website the very next day. 

Know the Tinge Definition!

This word has a proper meaning. The meaning is “slightly color,” “tendency towards,” or “traces of any color.” Given are some different but related meanings for the word Tinge. Therefore, based on the given meanings, this cannot be the correct answer for wordle 338 as the major given clue is the meaning. Scroll down to know the meanings and hints for wordle 338 answer.

Hints: Wordle 338!

Some of the hints presented by the game authority to suggest to the users. The mentioned below are some of the hints present as per the Wordle Website: –

  • The word expresses the significance of the doorways and expresses the meaning of contemporary love, which is not the meaning related to the Tinge Game.
  • There are no repeated letters present in the world. Also, it consists of 5 letter words.
  • The use of two different vowels and different consonants in alternative directions.
  • The word is made for meaningful direction and has a good chance of being specified by every age group.

How to Play the Game Free?

The game can be played with an online service and is free for every user! The user can easily play it with the help of Twitter links and another discord link present in the group descriptions.

Why Is Tinge Wordle Trending?

The game got trending as it talks specifically about the meaningful word, and hence most of the players got to manipulate the word. However, the word was later put together by the official website. Such a need for spelling change got the topic trending in search of the correct word!


In conclusion, this news presented by the experts suggests the change of spelling in words that created confusion. By revealing the correct answer  , it was easy identify the useful word as pe hints! Moreover, with previous words revealing, it was enough sorted that the issue was created due to the players.

Was the article helpful in revealing Tinge Wordle? Comment below about the description that was mentioned to identify the correct answer!

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