Gleam Wordle {August 2022} Is It The Correct Answer?

This post on Gleam Wordle gives information about the game, how it is played and the key to the answers. 

Do you know about a game known as Wordle? Wordle, as one can guess, is a word game. It is a site-based guessing five-letter word game and has gained much popularity lately. It was discovered by Josh Wardle, from where New York Times took it up and placed it on their site. It has gained popularity Worldwide

To know about the Gleam Wordleplease read further. 

Is Gleam the answer to today’s Wordle? 

Wordle is a game that acts as an impetus for the players to increase their vocabulary substantially. The game involves guessing a five-letter word given six chances. Challenging levels are also present if the players find the daily puzzles tricky. 

The word Gleam was guessed a lot for the game. People confidently voted for this word. But is that the correct answer for today’s Wordle? It seems it is not the answer to today’s Wordle, and the Gleam Game was not accomplished. 

Nevertheless, the answer for today’s Wordle is glean. 

The people who guessed Gleam got only one letter wrong, which made all the difference. Both glean and Gleam are words, thus, creating the problem of what could be the answer to the Wordle. It can also be that they could not guess the word because they did not understand the rules and hints of today’s words correctly. 

To know about the clues for today’s Wordle, read further.

Clues for the Wordle

There are hints given for every Wordle. The words are guessed on a daily purpose and are prevalent nowadays. One has to make deductions for the Gleam Wordlewhich was wrongly guessed by so many. This issue would not be the case if the players had kept in mind the following clues. 

The hints are given below- 

  • The word starts with the letter G 
  • It has two consecutive vowels E and A 
  • The word can be used as a vowel and verb, but, in this case, it is only used as a verb. 
  • The meaning of the word is to collect something gradually. 

Hence, the correct answer is GLEAM. 

Gleam Wordle

As it is observed that many people had guessed the word glean. This case would not have happened if the players had understood the rules correctly. Thus, to know about the rules, please read further and understand them- 

  • All the players are given six chances to know the correct word 
  • The word should be a part of the list when the player guesses it. 
  • When the word is correct, the display changes to green 
  • When the word is correct but incorrectly placed, the display is yellow. 
  • When the word is incorrect, the display is grey. 
  • Multiple letters are being used. 


In summation, Gleam Wordle gives all the information about the game wordle, what it is, how it is played and what the answer is and its hints. Check this link to know more about it– 

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