Fdny Vs Nypd Hockey 2022 {May} Discover The Purpose!

If you are interested in knowing about Fdny Vs Nypd Hockey 2022, read the post below, where we have provided information in the simplest form.

Have you watched the 48th Annual Fire Dept New York and New York Police Dept game the day before yesterday? Both the team were excited about the game. Do you know who won the game? What is the purpose behind the game?

People across the United States and Canada also showed their interest in this game and purchased the ticket. If you are interested to know about Fdny Vs Nypd Hockey 2022continue reading below.

When was this Ice Hockey Event?

The department again played the interesting ice game on Saturday, April 30, 2022, at Belmont Park, USB Arena. The event was the 48th Annual charity hockey game between the two departments of New York City.

Moreover, the game was live-streamed on the YouTube NY Islanders channel. So, even if you missed the ticket, you had a wonderful opportunity to watch it live. Do you know what is special about this game? And why it is called a Charity Hockey Game? Let us answer your query.

The purpose of Nypd Vs Fdny Hockey Game 2022?

Conducting an annual Charity Hockey game has its own purpose. The game is organized to remember and pay tribute to the one who was killed in a terrorist attack on 9/11. Moreover, the game also pays tribute to everyone who had died since 2001 due to related illness.

Also, firefighters and policemen who lost their lives during the pandemic duty in the last two years will be remembered. Fundraised from the Charity Game is donated to the various foundations working for welfare for children and widows.

More information about this year’s event:

Fdny Vs Nypd Hockey 2022 pre-game ceremony begins with performing in front of the audience. Silence moments were recorded when both department FDNY and NYPD remembered line of duty personnel for 9/11 and the Covid-19 pandemic.

This year FDNY lost FF. Vincent Malveax, Lt. Joseph Maiello, FF. Timmy Klein, and more, On the other hand, NYPD lost Det. Wilbert Mora, Det. Anastasios Tsakos, and more. The event concluded with the puck drop of the Gerhard, Rivera, and Mora families.

Who won the game?

Need not to mention both the team started well with their goal to win. Neither of them wants to lose by any chance. But Fdny Vs Nypd Hockey 2022 first-round tie with 0-0.

As the game continued and heated up, the fire department took the lead and turned the game in their favour. For the fifth consecutive year, FDNY beat NYPD and took the trophy. However, it doesn’t matter who won, the game was for a positive purpose, and with the help of fans, they were able to raise funds this year too.


FDNY and NYPD Ice Hockey games took place on April 30 this year. The game is played to raise funds for families who lost their loved ones during the 9/11 terrorist attack. You can also donate if you want by visiting this page.  

Fdny Vs Nypd Hockey 2022 -what are your thoughts on it? Please write it to us in the comment section below if you have already watched the game.

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