7 Teams with the Highest Prize Winnings in Counter-Strike

Ever since CS was launched, it has taken the gaming world by storm. Since that time, there have been many big names coming and going. Some of the teams that have played went on to break the records of the highest prize according to Profilerr. It started with the Swedes dominating which slowly turned into Astralis being the top contenders.

This team alone has won more than four titles on this platform. This changed by the end of 2022 with FaZe winning the prize. But despite the ranking through the years, which teams have made the most out of competitions? Let’s find the teams that rank the highest when it comes to prize money on CS. This list has the top 10 teams that have been playing since 2013 and following CS pro settings. These have some of the best players who are top-tier. Together, they have made the most money from CS!

1. Liquid

Even though it is a team from North America, the members have changed over the years. It has had many different players that have won several tournaments. It has had some of the best in the game including Adil “ScreaM” Berlintom. The team has over 17 titles to its name. Since being created in 2000 it has become one of the most popular in the entire world.

With the strongest players in Counter-Strike history, it comes as no surprise that Liquid was able to win about 5.87 million dollars. The team won 6 tournaments in 2019. This was their best year in CS history.

2. Ninjas in Pyjamas

This team from Sweden is equally a force to be reckoned with. It has great representation. With many young players joining the team, they remain as good as over the past years. The team has gained over 3.88 million dollars in prizes. This puts them within the top 10 of most earning teams. This has made the Swedes popular in the eSports world.


NAVI has won more than 4.2 million dollars. The great part is that this is over one year. In 2021, NAVI had a great run winning this amount in prize money. No other team in the history of Counter-Strike has been able to achieve this feat in a single year. In total, this team has earned over 9.3 million US dollars.

4. Vitality

This team is the best representation of what French teams can achieve. It has some of the best players from this country. Some of the members of this team include:

With their help, together this team has gained over 3.97 million dollars over the last 10 years. This puts them at number 8 when all the teams are analyzed. This team also boasts of having the best players in two consecutive years, from 2019-2020. Vitality is a mix between veterans and newer players, which makes them formidable.

5. FaZe

This team has players who together have put on great displays of skills. It is a team that many consider to be one of the best. That’s because it boasts many talents such as Rain and Twistzz, who are super talented in the world of eSports. Their total prize count is among the top 10 in counter strike. However, according to ONE eSports, Twistzz will be leaving this team for Liquid.

They earned their highest prize money in 2022, reaching over 1.8 Million US dollars. They achieved this by winning 5 tournaments, producing their best season so far.

6. Fnatic 3

It’s safe to say that Sweden has made a huge impact on eSports. With two teams among the highest earning in CS, this country had some very talented players. Fnatic has been on the scene since July 2004. It has been the most influential team in counter-strike on EOF.

It always seeks out new talent as a way of building strength and staying competitive.

This team has played in over 116 tournaments. Of this, it has won 3 major titles including the IEM Major Rio 2022. This puts their total earnings at nearly $5.3 million US dollars. It is currently one of the highest-ranked teams in the world as stated by the EZstah expert and it covers eSports.

7. Astralis

Astralis, a team by the Danes, has the record for the most money made from this game. According to eSports, this team won over 9.5 million US dollars in prize money. This covers several games. These prizes are from various tournaments. Their top player Andreas Højsleth is one of the leading players in CounterStrike in 2023.

A particular reason they have made this amount of money is because of winning several tournaments back to back. Having the record for the highest amount of money made, Astralis is a name everyone in the counter strike knows about. It will be very difficult for other teams to break this record.

Summing up, many people use Esports for betting and it is a significant aspect of the gaming community. People often place bets on their fave teams or players in various niches, including CS or Dota 2. Choosing a favorite team is tough — all bring something unique. But if we talk about Astralis, it has impressed lots of other players with their consistent success and strategic play.

Final thoughts

Counter-Strike is a growing game in the eSports atmosphere and the niche itself. It offers some of the highest prizes for competitions, bringing great value to the industry. Many teams and individuals have gained a lot of money from the yearly competitions.

Teams like NAVI have broken the record for most earned within a single year.

These teams have won the highest prize money in the history of Counter-Strike. As the years go by, more teams may surpass the record. It just goes to show that a great team can lead to more success and prizes. As this game continues to grow, more teams will join to compete and break records when it comes to individual and team competition.

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