What Is a Funky Pigeon Scam? What Is Its Data Breach? Why Is Website Down? Check All Issues Now!

Check out the full article about Funky Pigeon Scam to make yourself safe from scams and keep connected with us.

Have you ever faced any internet scams? Do you know about Funky Pigeon? Nowadays, the number of scams is increasing day by day. And almost everyone got fake emails or fake text messages once in their life. If you are from the United Kingdom, we will insist you follow the full article about the Funky Pigeon Scam

Recently, a fraud had become a concern for many. It is related to Funky Pigeon spreading. So, please keep reading the article to know more about this scam. 

What is the scam?

If you are a customer of Funky Pigeon, then you will get some fake emails. Do not believe such emails. If you received an email that you did not expect to receive, please do not trust. Scammers are using the Funky Pigeon Data Breach method. A few months ago, from a breach, the scammers were collecting data to make you trust that the emails were not fake. 

Now you must be thinking about what kind of data they stole. Being a customer of Funky Pigeon, you put your personal information like name, phone number, postal address, and email address. So, the scammers will use your personal information to convince you that the emails they are sending to you are real. If you notice any Funky Pigeon Issues, then please contact customer care. 

What type of emails are the scammers sending?

The scammers are way smarter than us. With your personal information, they make the email look genuine, so you can easily fall for it. If you receive any email saying that you need to change your password, please don’t believe it. Once you fall for the scam and change the password, they will hack your device. 

Funky Pigeon Website Down:

Sometimes the website of Funky Pigeon is down. And that’s the time when scammers try to collect the data. We don’t think that Funky Pigeon also knows about this. If they know about this, they will do something to protect their server. 


Be aware of such scams. If you receive such fake emails, ignore them. Never click on any mysterious link. And also, do not fall for the Funky Pigeon Scam. Click on the link to learn about the 5 top online scams of 2022–  

Have you ever received such fake emails? Please comment. 

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